History of Computers

Timeline created by mjaramillo16
  • Z1 Computer

    Z1 Computer
    The Z1 computer is the frist computer that could be freely programmed. I chose this because it started the beginning of programmable computers.
  • The Transistor

    The Transistor
    The Transistor is what the second generation computers ran on I chose this because it is cool learning about what computers are dependable on.y
  • The "Floppy" Disc

    The "Floppy" Disc
    The floppy disk, was the first memory disk. The first one was an eight inch floppy disk coated with iron oxide. I chose this because, it was the first thing that could save your documetns. Also, because it has a funny name.
  • Apple and Microsoft Begin Friendly War

    Apple and Microsoft Begin Friendly War
    Microsoft announced that they were creating a next-generation operating system that would provide a graphical user interface, and multitasking enivorment. I chose this because, you thought that it was interesting that mircrosodt and apple were having a friendly war.