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History Of Computers

By hwallin
  • Mathmatical Theory For Computers

    Mathmatical Theory For Computers
    Before this mathmatical theory was found out if people wanted to solve a math problem, they would have to make electronic circuits. But a man named Shannon found out how to encode the info the person wants to put in and then have the computer slove it. This is such a great discovering and is important in computer history because if he hadn't come up with this then we would all still be haveing to go through so much work to put in a math problem, instead of just typing it in and that's it.
  • Color T.V's

    Color T.V's
    On December 17, 1953 they started advertising the first color t.v that RCA designed. It changed everything and it was thought to be a break through because now everyone has one and without this invention, they probably wouldn't have come up with HD things.
  • Optical Disks

    Optical Disks
    The optical Disk was invented by David Gregg in 1958. This is an amazing small disk that is able to store digital data on it, becasue of these grooves or divits that make it able to read and record the data. This was so important because if we didn't have this people would have no way to record data. And if they hadn't come out with this one then other people probably wouldn't have added on to it and made it better and able to store more.
  • Silicon Chip

    Silicon Chip
    The silicon chip is believed to be one of the most influential Inventions. This is because the silicon chip allows computers to function. The people whi made this were, Jack Kilby and Robert Noyce. In 1958 by Jack and in 1959 by Robert. This is so important becuase it's what maked computers run and function and as time goes on they get better and better. And it let us use computers better and faster as they improved on them.
  • Memory Chip

    Memory Chip
    Intel created the first DRAM memory chip, it was invented by Robert Dennard. This was one of the best memory chips, compared to the other memeory chips. This was important to the growing of technology because they say that they were the thing that made the modern computers. And it allows us to save data and without it computers wouldn't be so convenient.
  • First Laptop Made

    First Laptop Made
    Made by Adam Osborne, and he made the first laptop computer. Which was called the Osborne 1. The reason these are so important is they made the way for more to be made and this allowed computers to finally be carried around and started a whole new age of making computers that were different. They still were a little larger than wanted and heavier.
  • First CD is made

    First CD is made
    This allowed us to take info on our computers and save them on a disk that worked by lasering grooves into the disk and therefore it could save info on it. It was important because it was a great new way to save info from our computers and keep it incase something happened to our computers. And people still use them to this day.
  • Ultra Light laptop

    Ultra Light laptop
    There was already a laptop version of a computer out but this was called the Ultra Light laptop and it was a smaller version and it only weighed 5 pounds. A organization called NEC introduced this laptop. It made the way for other laptops to come and they all built off of this one, that's why it was so important.
  • Google

    Larry Page and Sergey Brin invented google. Google is an amazing search engine that has changed the way everyone uses their computers. With this people could find any info they wanted and it made life a lot easier. In 1999 Google was officially made. This is imporant because it's become such a big deal in computers and almost eveyone uses it.
  • iPad

    They started making the iPad on the 23 of April, 2008. But it took them some time to develop and make it and it came out to buy in April 3, 2010. This hanheld device was one of the greatest inventions and has made the way for so many other handhelds like it to come out and now they are just getting better and more smarter. Steve Jobs invented the iPad. It was important because it started a whole new line of inventions and ideas to come out and it was the first of its kind.