History of computers

  • mechanical calculators

    mechanical calculators
    The first mechsnical calculators are manufactured for sale.These calculator can oly add and subtract.
    This is the first example of a type of coputers being used in daily life.
  • Period: to

    Advancements in computer tech

  • multiplying calculators

    multiplying calculators
    The first multiplying calculators apper in Germany.
    This is important because people are devopling advance ments to porgraming and math.
  • mass-produced

    The first mass produced calculators enter the market.
    This means the calculators are avalble to the genral public.
  • stored memory

    stored memory
    teams around the world work on a "stored program" machine.
    This means that calculators are begining to become computers.
  • punch cards

    punch cards
    The 1890 cences is tabulated on punch cards.
    This an new advancements in computer tech.
  • printing

    William Burroughs,introduces a printing calculator.
    This now means that coputers gain the ability to print.
  • mechanical calculator

    Konrad Zuse, a German construction engineer, builds a mechanical calculator.
    This means that now calculators have the ability to do complicated math that can be used in every day tasked.
  • new systems

    new systems
    IBM introduces the System/360 Thsi extremly inproves computers in this period.
  • first personal computer

    The first personal computer is marketed in kit form.
    This mean that now the public has acsess to reliable computers
  • selling

    stores begin to sell PC's.
    After this companys begin to sell computers and inprove systems