history of civilization

  • 320

    gupta empire of india

    spread culture education & philosophy
  • 321

    maurya empire of india

    infired india under one absolute power giving order & peace
  • 490

    persian empire

    persian empire
    a rich and tolerant culture
  • 539

    babylonia rise again

    babylonia rise again
    have a center of learning and science
  • Aug 21, 1100

    mediteranean civilization

    mediteranean civilization
    they are traders and have many resources, have the mediterranean sea
  • Aug 21, 1100

    mediterranean alphabet

    they make a writing system to help them conduct trade and
    have 22 symbols.
  • Aug 27, 1100

    phoenicians city

    phoenicians city
    the inmportant city is tyre siden
  • Aug 27, 1100

    archievement of mediterranean

    archievement of mediterranean
    they discover the alphabet and coins
  • Aug 29, 1100


    locarion: canada for two centuries
    main idea: fight between god and evil
  • Aug 29, 1122

    zhow dinasty

    zhow dinasty
    they conquered the shang dinasty and the ruled over 1000 of years
  • Mar 31, 1365

    assyrians empire

    assyrians empire
    they invented a battering ram.
  • Aug 27, 1550

    new kindom of egypt

    new kindom of egypt
  • ancient china: shang dinasty

    ancient china: shang dinasty
    they invented he first chinese writing system
  • babilonia empire

    babilonia empire
    buy cotton clouth from india and pieces of egypt
  • asoka empire of india

  • midle kindom of egypt

    midle kindom of egypt
  • ancient india

    ancient india
    they are farmers but also has trade
    had two differentmoments : republis and monarchy
  • old kindom of egypt

    old kindom of egypt
  • mesopotamia

    is a region in soutwest asia.
    have the tigris and euphrates rivers.
    they are farming and are politeism
  • egypt

    they are farming and traders.
    archivements:math and medicine
  • egypt in unified

    egypt in unified
  • social organization of egypt

    social organization of egypt
    first: paraoh & his family
    second: priest & nobles
    thirt: army
    fourt: artisans & traders
    five: peasants & farmers
  • gods of india

    gods of india
    brahama the creator
    vishnu the preserver
    shiva the destroyer