history of china 1911-1980

  • Sun Yat-Sen

    Sun Yat-Sen
    in 1911 the army forced the emporor to give up his position. the revolutionaries took advantage of this and set of a new government in south china and appointed Sun Yat-sen to be the leader.
  • communist party

    communist party
    a group of chinese followers set up a communist party with the ides from Sun Yat-sen. not long after they had tons of support especially from the workers from ports like shanghai.
  • Alliances are formed

    Alliances are formed
    Sun formed an alliance with the chinese communist and the russians. they all agreed to help Sun get rid or the warlords. with help from the russians Sun created his own army with the weapons and advisors that they sent him. the chinese communist organised strikes and risings by the workers in the towns that were controlled by the warlords.
  • sun yat sen dies

    sun yat sen dies
    in 1925 Sun Yat-sen passes away becasue of old age and chiang Kai Shek takes his place. Ciang was then the leader of the Guomindang. with the help of the communist Chiang began bringing the warlords to an end.
  • Soviet Union gets kicked out

    Soviet Union gets kicked out
    Chaing Kai Shek kicked out the soviet union and also the communists. He ordered his soldiers to kill all the communist that they could get a hold of. he did this so that they wouldnt start a communist party.
  • communist party

    communist party
    in 1931 mao organized a communist government in Jiangxi. they beleived that they could win the revolution if they had the support of the town workers.
  • Chiang kidnapped

    Chiang kidnapped
    Young Marshal kidnapped Chaing Kai Shek while he was visiting an army base. The Young Marshal let him go when he agreed to put aside his differences with the communists and start fighting the japanese. This was known as the Xian Incident.
  • bombing from japan

    bombing from japan
    The Japanese bombed an American Naval base in Pearl Harbor Hawaii. This started World War 2. The USA poured weapons into china. To use against the japanese.
  • America fights back

    America fights back
    In August 1945 the USA retaliated by dropping two atomic bobs over japan. Soon after this the japanese governmnet surrendered. The Japanese army that was in China also surrendered.
  • civil war

    civil war
    Mao Zedong and the communist fight Chiang Kai Shek and the nationalist from 1946 -1949. everybody thought that Chiang was going to win, but Mao had more support from the peasants in the rest of the country that Chiang didnt .
  • civil war ends

    civil war ends
    Mao and the communists officially win the civil war and declare the PRC, (peoples republic of china). defeated Chiang Kai Shek flees to taiwan.
  • Great Leap Forward

    Great Leap Forward
    In the 1950's they tried to industrialize china and make it a modern country. They were unseccessful.
  • out with the old

    out with the old
    Mao was worried that he was loosing all his support so he decided to get rid of all the old things and bring in all new stuff and all new ideas.
  • mao is dead

    mao is dead
    In 1976 Mao Zedong passed away because of old age.
  • change in relations

    change in relations
    The US and Chinese relations changed in the 1980's and we began interacting and selling each other things.