History of Broadband Internet Connection

  • Wide-spread of Broadband Internet Access

    Wide-spread of Broadband Internet Access
    Numerous commercial High Speed Internet Providers are established making the Internet widely, and easily, accessible to non-government, and non-corporate users.
  • JavaScript

    Netscape introduces JavaScript, initially called LiveScript. JavaScript is an object-oriented language that is interpreted by a web browser as the page loads.
  • Java

    JAVA, a Sun Microsystems programming language, initially intended as an operating system for home appliances, enables complex web sites that interact in real time between the user and the server.
  • Ebay

    eBay is started, initially as a place for consumers to market items to each other. One of the first sales was that of a broken laser pointer.
  • Internet 2

    Internet 2
    With so much consumer traffic, educational institutions establish internet2 is established solely to provide higher speed transmissions between educational institutions.
  • Google

    Google is founded hoping to improve the quality of search results.
  • Paypal

    PayPal is formed for consumer to consumer payments. A natural fit for eBay it quickly becomes the payment method of choice for eBay customers.
  • Apple iMac

    Apple iMac
    Apple introduces the iMac as the world's first Internet centric computer
  • Napster

    Napster popularizes internet file sharing (PDF), especially of music, and popularizes the mp3 file format (which originally was the audio format of MPEG 2 video content). Several File Sharing Services, like Aimster, emerged trying to legally perform the same function.
  • Skype

    The creators of Kazaa develop Skype (PDF), initially called Sky Peer-To-Peer, as a means for using the internet to make phone calls.
  • Facebook

    Facebook is founded.
  • Cloud Computing

    Cloud Computing
    The concept of cloud computing becomes increasingly popular, and numerous services try to implement cloud computing networks, and infrastructure.
  • Twitter

    Twitter is founded.
  • Deep Space Network

    Deep Space Network
    NASA tests an internet-like deep space network.
  • IP6 Addresses Invented

    IP6 Addresses Invented
    With IP Addresses rapidly becoming scarce IP6 is developed to increase the number of available IP addresses.
  • Money Bombs

    Money Bombs
    Presidential Candidate Ron Paul pioneers Internet driven 'money bombs' drawing in millions in donations made in very small amounts.