History Of Australian Sport

Timeline created by jthomas7
  • first cricket match played in sydney

  • aussie rules invented

  • first melbourne cup raced

    the race was won by 'Archer'
  • first aboriginal cricket team to tour england

  • 'test' cricket match first played in melbourne

  • the first cricket competition began in australiain (sydney)

  • edwin flack became australia's first olympic gold medalist at athens

    glod medalist in the 800m and 1500m
  • rugby union players defect to become professionals. the game of rugby league begins

  • 'phar lap' wins melbourne cup

  • bodyline series 'ashes'

    ashes series played using tactics to stop Don Brandman. the laws of cricket were changed to prevent it occuring again.
  • golden era of australian sport

    many individuals experiencing consierable success (1949-1966)
  • tv introduced in australia for melbourne olympic games

  • world sreies crickey begins.

    one day cricket and cricket inder lights is introduced
  • 1st state of origin

    State of Origin is an annual best of three series of rugby league football matches contested by the Maroons and the Blues, who represent the Australian states of Queensland and New South Wales respectively. Described as "sport's greatest rivalry,
    this event is important to Australia because us australian love the rivalry between the two states. we always looking for the big hits.
  • australia wins americas cup with australia 2 and its space ade keel

  • the tri nations (rugby)

    the rugby tri nation is a competion between there nations, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. the first comp started on the 6th of july 1996, finishing on the 10th of August. New Zealand won that year, with south africa coming second and australia coming last.
  • sydney olympics

    australia hosts 'best ever' olympics
  • steven branbruy wins first winter oylmpics

  • ashes came into existance

    (august 28-29)