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History of Australia Time Line

By mcassim
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    History of Australia

  • A Discovery Made

    A Discovery Made
    The 1st people to discoverd Australia were the Dutch from Europe, Finland. They discovered Australia but didn't settle there; they were attacked by the Aborigines.
  • Who claimed Australia?

    Who claimed Australia?
    An England sailor, Captain James Cook, sailed around Australia in 1770. He found and named New South Wales. He ignored the Aborigines and claimed the land for England while his silors mapped eastern Australia.
  • A Perfect Prison Place

    A Perfect Prison Place
    A British fleet left England with convicts to establish a prison colony in Australia( Port Arthur, Tasmania). It was the ideal place to establish a prison colony (since Georgia wouldn't accept any more) because there were no chances of escape, no colonies around, and few indiginous people.
  • Bounderies Made

    Bounderies Made
    The government officials established boundaries for colonies. The boundaries are still active and in place today.
  • Visitors In View !

    Visitors In View !
    Free immigrants from all over the wolrd began to settle in Australia. They boilt industries, farms, trading posts, and established bussiness.
  • A Constitution and Act Created

    A Constitution and Act Created
    The Commonwealth of Autralia was created by the 6 British colonies. Melbourne was the capital of Australia at this time.
  • New Capital

    New Capital
    Canberra was finally completed. It served as a capital, replaceing Melbourne.
  • Long Awaited Rights

    Long  Awaited Rights
    Finally, the federal government began to pass legislation to help the Aborigines. They had finally gotten their well-deserved rights and changed history because the indiginous people had spoken and were heard. It was the 1st successful land claim for indiginous people.
  • Independence! Here we Come!

    The Australian Act made. It made all legal ties with the British Empire severed. Australia was now an independent country .
  • Vote Wins

    Vote Wins
    55% of the votes in Australia rejected the idea of becoming an independent republic.