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History of Australia

  • The Dutch Arrive

    The Dutch Arrive
    The Dutch(Netherlands) arrive in Australia,and are attacked by Aborigines.
  • Great Britain Claims Land

    Great Britain Claims Land
    Captain James Cook arrives in Australia,and claims New South Wales for Great Britain.
  • The Prisoners are Taken

    The Prisoners are Taken
    The U.K. had ru nout of room to put prisoners in the U.S. so they used Australia as a Penal colony for prisoners.
  • Australian Colonies are Created

    Australian Colonies are Created
    The colonial boundaries of Australia are created, and are still the same boundaries today.
  • Time to Stop

    Time to Stop
    The British stop sending prisoners to Australia.
  • Independence fo Australia

    Independence fo Australia
    The Commonwealth of Australia is formed.
  • Australia has a Capital

    Australia has a Capital
    Canberra is completed and becomes the capital.
  • Citizenship for Aborigines

    Citizenship for Aborigines
    The federal government passes legislation for Aborigines.
  • Australia Act

    Australia Act
    Australia is seperated from all lega lties with the U.K.
  • Australia Apoligizes

    Australia Apoligizes
    Prime Minister Kevin Rudd apoligizes for former mistreatment to the Aborigines.