History of Australia

By fwilson
  • Discovery of Australia

    Discovery of Australia
    The first Europeans to sail to Australia were the Dutch The Dutch were attacked by aborigines. That was the only time the Dutch sent an expedition to Australia.
  • Australia is claimed!

    Australia is claimed!
    James cook sailed around Australia and Tasmania. He then landed and claimed the land for England. The area he landed in was named New South Wales. Unlike the dutch he ignored the aborigines.
  • Prison colony

    Prison colony
    Austalia is used as aprison colony for england. They used to use Georgia, but the american revolution changed all of that. The english prisoners are sent to live here along with the marines and there families.
  • Borders for life

    Borders for life
    The government officials place the borders in australia that are still in place today.
  • No More Prisoners

    No More Prisoners
  • Commonwealth

    The commonwealth of Australia is formed
  • A new capitial

    A new capitial
    The current australian capital, canberra was completed.
  • Aborigines

    The federal government starts to give the aborigines rights, after they go on strike.
  • Freedom!

    All legal ties with the British Empire are severd, making Australai a free country. They chose to have a Parliamentary democracy style gavernment.
  • Rejection!

    55% of voters rejected the idea of becoming an independant republic.