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  • Illnessess

    The illnessess that spread all over the colony in Botany Bay, NSW is called smallpox. Nearly 1 third of the colony suffered from it. and only 1 fith of the ones that suffered survived. Smallpox is one of the most dangerous sicknesses in the world.
    Effect: It is much better, we now have anti-biotics to cure them.
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  • Phillip leaves settlement

    Phillip leaves settlement
    Phillip leaves the settlement to return to England with Bennelong (Aboriginal worrier) along side Phillip. Bennelong was the leader of all Aboriginies. It was hard for him to leave his family behind.
    Effect: It depends, if they stay there might be more pease around Australia. If they went they might not keep up to date.
  • Settlement in Van Diemens Land

    Settlement in Van Diemens Land
    A second major settlement established in Van Diemens Land. (Tasmania) They were as curious as The First Fleet. It took a while for them to get use to there envirement.
    Effect: If it wasn't for them, people might not of lived in Tasmania in the modern days.
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    Ancient Australia (book)
  • Lachlan Macquarie

    Lachlan Macquarie
    Governor Lachlan Macquarie arrives in NSW to reimpose government control. Macquarie astablishes proper colonial police force.
    Effect: This means that Australia changed because there are more safe police men around to protect us.
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  • Lachlan Macquarie is now Governor

    Macquarie became Goveror in 1810. Everybody obeyed him until he was no longer governor.
  • How Macquarie helped Australia

    Macquarie made many good changes to Australia. He helped make the colony grow and develop. Macquarie started to make convicts build road and town for you to live in. Lachlan Also introduced the first colonial coins.
  • British caim WA

    British caim WA
    The British claim WA and Captain Stirling lands at the mouths of Swan River. The whole continent is claimed by the British.
    Effect: Australia has changed because that means the whole continent of Aus is Governed under the British.
  • Information

    ‎Ancient Australia (book)
  • Lachlan Macquarie is no longer Governor

    Lachlan Macquarie is now no longer Governor of Australia, he was sent back to England. Macquarie was missed very much.
  • Religions

    Govenor Bourke of NSW implements plan to make sure all religious denomanations recieve funding, there will also be no state religion.
    Effect: This has changed the whole of Australia because now in the modern days you can be any religion.
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  • The Election.

    The Election.
    The first elections for legislative council in NSW, the colony is on the road to democracy and representive Government.
    Effect: This changed Australia because it became under Australian government, not British.
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    This is Australia (book)
  • Eureka Stockade

    Eureka Stockade
    The Eureka Stockade, gold miners in Ballarat swearvto the southern cross to stand for the night of liberty. The protest is viewed by the authorities as a treasonous act of rebellion.
    Effect: It changed because the miners now found more gold.
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  • Aboriginies now in Victoria

    Aboriginies now in Victoria
    An act before protection and managment of Aboriginal natives is passed in Victoria. During the next 20 years nearly 11,000 hectares of land are 'tempoarily reserved'.
    Effect: This means if it was not passed, the Aboriginies may be nicer and we would help them.
  • Ned Kelly

    Ned Kelly
    Ned Kelly and his gang at large, policemen shot, banks robbed, telegraph lines cut, and the colonial authorities held up to ridicule before the gang is finally captured and destroyed.
    Effect: This means that lots of money of citizens is no longer theres.
  • The Chinese Arrives

    The Chinese Arrives
    A ship of Chinese arrives on board the Afghan, they are prevented for coming ashore. They have already been refused landing in Melbourne.
    Effect: This has changed Australia because the Chinese came, and populated and changed Australia.
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    This is Australia (book)
  • Commonwealth

    In South Australia, Catherine Helen Spence becomes the first women in the world to stand for election when she stands as a candidate for the Australasian Federal Convention.
    Effect: Now women are allowed to vote, and now women are allowed to stand for election.
  • Information

    Ancient Australia (book)