history dates

  • Massacre of Amritsar

    incident in which British troops fired on a crowd of unarmed Indian protesters, killing a large number
  • gandhi becomes sole leader of congress

    After the death of freedom fighter and congress leader Bal Gangadhar Tilak on August, 1920, Gandhi became virtually the sole navigator of the ship of the congress. Gandhi had whole heartedly supported the British during the 1st World War (1914-1919)
  • gahndi does the salt march

    In 1930 in order to help free India from British control, Mahatma Gandhi proposed a non-violent march protesting the British Salt Tax, continuing Gandhi's pleas for civil disobedience. The Salt Tax essentially made it illegal to sell or produce salt, allowing a complete British monopoly. Since salt is necessary in everyone's daily diet, everyone in India was affected. The Salt Tax made it illegal for workers to freely collect their own salt from the coasts of India, making them buy salt they
  • gandhi was assassinated

    gandhi was walking to go pray in the morning and a guy came up and shot him 3 times in the chest and he died instantly