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  • Gold Rush

    Gold Rush
    It was a period in migration when many people came from all over the world to mine the gold in Australia. Most of these migrants were European. However there were many Chinese migrants here aswell. they were often discriminated against as they looked different to all of the other people. The Chinese also couldn't speak English and they wore tradition clothing and had long hair, this then gave people another reason to desciminate against them.
  • Federation WAP

  • Great Depression

    Great Depression
    this was a devastating time for the world. The Great Depression took place after World War II and effected everyone. After the stock market crashed millions of people lost their jobs and homes as they became so poor.
  • Jewish Refuge

    Jewish Refuge
    many German Jews left germany as refugees to get away from the Nazi's. they were terrified as they fled as soon as possible. Most travelled to Australia.
  • world war two ended

    world war two ended
    we were affraid that we were going to get bombed so we took in convicts. Australians felt vulnerable and feared invasion from Asia. Xenophobia - the fear of foreigners. the chiffley Labor governement wanted millions of Europeans to migrate to Australia. they prefered British migrants but would take other europeans that were fair skinned. Asians who had shelteres in Australia during the war had to go back to Asia.Immigration minister Calwell is the pied piper.
  • Migrants

    Arthur Calwell - "populate of perish." Australia would not survive without migrants "Two wongs don't make a white." the migrants had to be European.
  • Natural increase

    Natural increase
    we had the baby boomer generastion being born :)

    the uk migrants were still not enough for Caldwell. over 50 million homeless and refugees were in europe Caldwell wanted them to come to Australia. Proference for blonde hair blue eyes was listed in secret immigration documents
  • the new wave

    the new wave
    through the 1950's a migration wave from Europe - mainly italy, greece and yugoslavia changed the shape of Australia. the sentiments took a little longer.
  • Ten Pound Poms

    Ten Pound Poms
    British migrants were first preference. they were offered special treatment. they could ensure their move to Australia for 10 pounds ($20) over 1 million took the offer 1953 - 1972
  • Shift In Policy

    Shift In Policy
    there was a shift in the Australian policy as Australian's multicultral society. Since the 1970's significant advances have been made in this area: for example, anti-discrimination laws have been enacted; government programs have become more sensitive to the needs of all clients; society has generally embraced diversity in the arts, our lifestyles and cuisine; and we have begun to use cultural diversity for our economic benefit.
  • new wave

    new wave
    wave of immagrants from the middle east particularly from lebonon where the wars were
  • 9/11 Asylum Seekers

    9/11 Asylum Seekers
    Many Asylum Seekers from the 9/11 bombing migrated to Australia. they thought that they were under threat from where they originally came from so they came to Australia as they thought it was a safer place to be.