Historical Psychology Timeline

Timeline created by patrick.hardtke
  • Structuralism (Blue)

    Structuralism (Blue)
    Founder: Edwward B. Tichner-
    The view that every mental experience in the mind can be understood as simple events and elements.
  • First Psychology Clinic (Green)

    First Psychology Clinic (Green)
    Why- This was the first psychological clinic to be opened to the public people ever.
  • Period: to


  • Interpretation of Dreams (Red)

    Interpretation of Dreams (Red)
    Why- I'd like to learn more about Sigmund Freud's 24 book set because deams and the unconcious interest me greately.
  • I.Q Test Developed (Green)

    I.Q Test Developed (Green)
    Why- Was first big step toward accurately measuring intelligence. These tests are used around the world today.
  • Behaviorism (Blue)

    Behaviorism (Blue)
    Founder: John B. Watson-
    Behaviorism was the focus of observal and measurable behavior in living beings.
  • Army Intelligence Tests (Green)

    Army Intelligence Tests (Green)
    Why- Standarized IQ test admitted to all soldiers starting with WWI, still in force around the world today.
  • Child's Conception of the World (Red)

    Child's Conception of the World (Red)
    Why- When I saw the title I thought that it wouold be very interesting to read about the view of our whole world from their mind and eyes.
  • First Nobel Prize (Green)

    First Nobel Prize (Green)
    Why- First Nobel Prize won for Psychological research and work. This showed the importance of research and that the psychological work didn't go unnoticed.
  • Electroencephalogram Invented (Green)

    Electroencephalogram Invented (Green)
    Why- This device graphed the electric waves and activity in the brain. This surged progress in our knowledge of the brain, and the structure.
  • Nazi Persecution (Green)

    Nazi Persecution (Green)
    Why- The banning of psychologists and physioligists to continue their work/ research greatly halted progress, and also any solid work or discoveries that could have been made.
  • Gestalt Psychology (Blue)

    Gestalt Psychology (Blue)
    Founder: Jurt Koffka-
    Loks at psychological phenonoma in terms of one body, or a coherent whole.
  • Alcoholics Anonymous (Green)

    Alcoholics Anonymous (Green)
    Why- The format of AA's 12 step program was the basis and model for all other support groups, including tons still used today.
  • First Depression Treating Drug (Green)

    First Depression Treating Drug (Green)
    Why- News came of a drug that could possibly treat/ combate depression. It is FDA aproved 8 years later under the name
  • Psychopharmocology (Blue)

    Psychopharmocology (Blue)
    Founder: No specific founder, came about in the 1950's-
    The involvment and study of teh development of new psychoactive drugs, such as Doriden, an anti anxiety/depression pill.
  • The Selfish Gene (Red)

    The Selfish Gene (Red)
    Why- I am a rather selfish person at times so when I saw this title I thought I would like to look int studies/ research about selfish genes in animals , through eveoloution, and also in us.
  • HIV and AIDS (Green)

    HIV and AIDS (Green)
    Why- The diagnosis of AIDS and HIV was a very serious and important discovery. The discovery of these segwayed into the testing of HIV and AIDS.
  • Cultural Psychology (Blue)

    Cultural Psychology (Blue)
    Founder: Jerome Bruner-
    The view of the influences and relationships between behavior, your community, and the mind.
  • Mapping of the Human Genome (Green)

    Mapping of the Human Genome (Green)
    Why- One of the largest contributions in importance to science in the last 15 years, the sequencing of the human genome provided a new understanding of human disease and development.