Historical Background about Chairman Mao

By slin
  • Period: to

    Communist Party

    The communists party had took over China and the ongoing power struggle among the Communists Leader.
  • New Chairman

    Chairman Mao was elected the Communists Leader and he wanted to destroy the culture of the pre-Communist China. He wanted to made the power as his own. His wife, Jiang Qing Mao organized the red guards and composed of the middle school and high schoolers.
  • Period: to

    Chairman Mao's Massive

    During 1966-1968, everyone in China needs to carry a little red book and a button of Mao's portrait on Mao's style clothing. The radio and speakers was broadcasting Mao's revolutionary songs and other things about Chairman Mao. Houses needs to decorated with Mao Zedong's statues and quotation.
  • Cultural Revolution

    The cultural revolution had ended and the worst abuses had also stopped. The political atmosphere continued until the time Chairman had close his eyes and went quietly.
  • Chairman Mao's Death

    After Chairman Mao was dead on September 9, 1976, less than a month later there was a new Chairman of the Chinese Communist Party. The new Chairman was named Hua Guofeng and he ordered to arrest Jiang Qing and her conspirators.
  • Jiang Qing the Gang of Four

    After Jiang Qing and her conspirators was called the Gang of Four, she was sentence to death by the new Chairman, Hua GuoFeng. After Jiang Qing was sentenced to death, later changed to life imprisonment. So when it's in 1991, she was only senting to jail and not to death.