Historicaal Narratives: Visual Icons

  • Architecture: Statue of Liberty

    Architecture: Statue of Liberty
    The statue of liberty was givin to New Your City to have a memory of the "United States Declaration of Indepemdence".
  • Art: Mona Lisa

    Art: Mona Lisa
    To this day known as the best known peice of art work that was first releases in paris in 1797, painted by artist Leonardo da Vinci.
  • Song; Be Alright

    Song; Be Alright
    This song is basicly teaching the life lesson that all of us go through hard times with different peple we encounter through out our life and no matter how bad or hard the fights are in the end things can only get better and everything will be alight.
  • Location: Recording Studio

    Location: Recording Studio
    A recoring studio is a place where stories are told and memories are made. When i thing of a recording studio i think of magic, everytime you walk out of that studio something that have never existed is put into the world.
  • Poem: If you forget me

    Poem: If you forget me
    This famous peom by poet Pablo Neruda is a peom excplaining all of these good things that are happening in this girl and/or guys life but then saying that all of thi would change and life wouldent be as good if one forgot another.