Historee of Broadkastingg

  • Wireless Telegraph

    The Wireless Telegraph was invented.
  • Personal Speaking

    The W.T. was used to speak one on one.
  • First Sign of Popularity

    Reginald Fessenden used the W.T. to sing a song and read a passage from the bible to the troops over the radio with more than one person
  • W.T. used for the public

    People started experimenting with the W.T. to send audio broadcasts over the radio.
  • Charles Herrold invents Broadcasting

    Charles Herrold began broadcasting to larger groups of people through is electronic institute he called it SJN.
  • Licences

    United States Goverment made it a manditory law that for anybody who wanted to start a radio broadcast, they must first aquire a license to do so. Herreld got his license in 1916.
  • World War 1

    World War 1 began and because of this, The Goverment decided to make a stop to Broadcasts (including Herrolds, excluding all sent out illegally) this lasted until the end of WW1 in early Nov. 1948
  • Period: to

    Radio Broadcast Shutdown

    The Gov. Shutdown most radio wave broadcasts so that other nation's spies couldn't listen in on any American news
  • W.T. used for commercial

    Companies began using the W.T. to advertise products over the radio, and people began using it for there own radio stations.
  • Herrold restarted his broadcasts

    Herrold restarted his daily broadcasts and began under the name KQW
  • Nazi Propaganda

    Nazis began using radio broadcasts for Propaganda against other Countries/Cultures
  • Television was invented

    Paul Nipkow invented the First television using an image rasterizer and remained in common use for a while
  • International Use Began

    Britain station BBC transferred from radio to T.V.
  • Radio becomes obsolete

    Television becomes more popular worldwide, and stations are called "channels" and given only to those with T.V. boradcasting Licenses issued by the Goverment. Although, radios and still being used to broadcast things such as stories and news, for those who still didn't have Television.
  • First Color Television

    The FCC introduced the first Monochrome Color Television.
  • First Color T.V. broadcast

    NBC transmitted the Tournament of Roses Parade that went on annually in Pasadena, California.
  • International commercial use started

    Europe and America began advertising companies and products.
  • Britain networks begin expanding.

    Britain broadcasts BBC2 into European and American Televisions
  • FM/AM Radio

    They introduced FM stations and seperated the two, SO that one would Broadcast News, Events, Speakings and the other would be used for musical purposes.
  • Period: to

    AM Radio Decline

    The viewers were turning to Television, and televised broadcasts due to better quality and being able to see whats going on instead of listening in. Also, FM radio receivers were cheaper
  • Land Based radio

    Most European countries get introduced to land based commericial radio
  • USA Gov. makes a Cap

    The Gov. limits how many stations or channels a company can own.
  • Written Information

    Europe begins offering written News Stations, so that viewers would be updated on things like Weather, Traffic, Time and other importanf news for Daily commutes and things.
  • Independent Channels

    Internationally, more Independent Television companies began getting there own channels and seperating from Large chain type companies (NBC, CBS, ABC, BBC, BBC2)
  • Commercial only channels

    Channels would Advertise only products, jobs, companies,
  • I Was Born :D

    I was born. But I already told you that...
  • Digital Radio

    Radio was transmitted from satellites to more portable devices.
  • 80 years

    Sri Lanka celebrated having broadcasted for over 80 years.