• Richard battle

    What: the battle. Cause: Aboriginal people defending their country Effect: Aborignal people lost and also many aborignal people died
  • Pinjarra massacre.

    What: Western Australia Pinjarra massacre.
    the Governor Stirling leads police against Indigenous Australians. Cause: Wanted the Aborignal people off the land. Effect: Aborignal people died protecting their land from white.
  • the Aborigines Protection Board

    what: Aborigines Protection Board . Cause: Australia thourght they were making life good by removing them. Effect: Human rights the Aborigines Protection Board can now forcibly take the children off the reserves
  • Aborignal want a wage of 30 shillings a week

    What: Aborignal people wanted to same pay as the white. Cause: Aboriginal stockmen refused to work until they had been guaranteed a minimum wage of thirty shillings a week. Effect: Aborignals had a for a pay increase. They are getting 10 shillings a week and wanted 30 shillings.
  • Aborignal citizenship

    What: they get an Aborignal citizenship if they have served in the army Cause: Aborignal people wanted to fight for their nation Effect: Aborignal people got treated the same as white poeple in the army
  • Tent Embassy

    What: Tent Embassy was made outside of parliment house. Cause: The aborignal people protested
    Effect: Aborignal people won and the tent Emabassy is still out side parliment house now.
  • Government sorry speech to stolen generation

    what: the government made a sorry speech Cause: government says sorry to storlen generation Effect: the aboriginals were happier

    What: MABO day in brisbane Cause: ten years to bring back MABO Effect: MABO day gets the Aborignal people & Torres Straits together
  • MABO day Brisbane

    What: MABO day in brisbane. Cause: A ten year struggle bring back MABO. Effect: MABO day brings the Aborignal people & Torres Strait Islanders together.
  • Australia day

    Australia day is when all australians get together and celebrate all things australian and