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    #HERstoryOfArt PBL

    The main idea of ​​this small project is search for information about outstanding women artists and talk about them and their work. To do this, students will work in teams and the aim is to make an exhibition video with a projection towards the educational community.
    In addition, the grace of this PBL lies in how to express this discovery and how this new discourse is integrated into the official curriculum, not as a hidden curriculum.
  • Every Project Has a Beginning

    Every Project Has a Beginning
    Unfortunately, when we talk about history and history of art it continues coming from a patriarchal educational line, and this is because the women and the women artists have been invisible or hidden over the years.
    It is needed to answer this question: 'How veiled and hidden is the image of women artists in history?'
    Now, start you search!
  • The Main Goal

    The Main Goal
    A video to be published on the official High School YouTube Channel.
    It is wanted to show a reality that always has been in the background.
  • Make Your Script

    Make Your Script
    To prepare the filmation you have to write a script. To do it, you need to solve some aspects and questions:
    - Build an introduction about the artist that you have chosen and explain why you have chosen this one and not another.
    - Talk about some pieces that she created or elaborate.
    - Argue why you think women and women artists have, still nowadays, a secondary paper in history and in art history.
  • Start Recording

    Start Recording
    Once we have a good script we start recording the video. All members of the team must appear in the images.
  • Edit the Film

    Edit the Film
    When we have all recordings, that are necessary for the final video, it is time for the edition:
    - Cut or eliminate all unnecessary scenes.
    - Add the images that are necessary to explain your ideas.
    - Make an interesting build.
    - The time of the project cannot exceed the 5 minutes.
  • Export the Final Project

    Export the Final Project
    When the edition is finished the project must be exported in a standard and readable format.
  • Show Your Research

    Show Your Research
    Now, it is the moment to watch all shorts, value them and select the most interesting ones, with the intention of posting them.
  • Let's Take a Feedback

    Let's Take a Feedback
    Answer these different questions:
    - What has done well?
    - What we need to improve?
    - What grade do I think I deserve?
    After doing these reflections, share them with the teacher.