Hero Research Project Timeline

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  • Project was Introduced

  • Talking about Heroes

    I talked with some friends and my parents to think what they thought about heroes.
  • Hero Selection

    Hero Selection
    I chose my hero as US Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor, a truly inspirational figure when it comes to doing what no one thinks you will be able to. She inspirped me with her willingness to acheive her dreams despite the blockades life kept creating and her natural leadership capibilities.
  • Biography Selection

    Biography Selection
    I selected and began reading the biography Sonia Sotomayor: A True American Dream by award-winning author, Antonia Felix. The biography is very interesting and informative as it contains not only information about Sotomayor herself, but also about the other people who had huge influences on her.
  • How I Chose My Hero

    A paragraph was due on how we chose our heroes to posterous.
  • Heroes in Literature

    A paper was due on how heroes are portrayed in literature. It pointed out things such as whether the authors who created heroic figures were the heroes, or whether the heroic characters themselves were.
  • Interview

    I selected who I was going to interview. My Aunt Cathy is a lawyer and knows a lot about law school and what Sonia Sotomayor does.
  • Finished Reading

    Today I finished reading my biography and began writing my essay for the project.
  • Period: to

    Hero Research