• Brian's parents are divorced - he knows the secret

    He is upset because he knows why his parents divorced, it's a dark secret (but isn't revealed yet). Brian has to go to Canada to spend the summer with his dad.
  • Period: to


  • Brian 13yrs - Plane crashes

    Brian 13yrs - Plane crashes
    Chapter 3 - His pilot has a heart attack and dies. Brian crashes the plane into a lake.
  • Brian remembers the SECRET

    Brian saw his mom was with a blonde man, she kissed him...he remembers but no one knows but him.
  • Chapter 5 ~ wakes up with swollen head, thirsty. Needs to get organized

    Brian wakes up with a swollen head, concussion maybe? He goes to the lake and drinks. He is starting to THINK straight and he needs to get motivated.
  • Chapter 6 ~ Found a cave

    Brian had found shelter. It was a cave that had a over hang, and it was right by the lake. He had to find food, he was starving.
  • Finding food. BEAR at the raspberry patch

    Found gut-berries and ate them, got sick. Found raspberries.
    thers a bear in the raspberrie patch, it walked away.
  • Chapter 8- Porcupine

    Ther was a porcupine in the cave. Brian kicked it and it got him in the leg, he had to pull the quills out of his leg.
  • Chapter 9- making fire

    Brian was making sparks by hiting his hatchet on the wall of the cave, he had never made fire before. He had gotten sticks, dry bark and other stuff. He tried making it for a long time, and then he started to blow on the sparks and they lit up into a fire.
  • Chapter 10- eggs

    Brian went to sleep, and the next day he went to the lake and he found turtle eggs. He had nothing to cook them in, so he ate them raw. He tried catching fish with his hands, it didn't work.
  • Chapter 11- Brian made a spear for fishing

    Brian made a spear for fishing. He headed to the lake to test it out. It didn't work, the fish were too fast.
  • Chapter 12- signal fire

    He heard a plane motor, he ran to the camp and made a signal fire. They didn't see the smoke, they turned around and left.
  • Chapter 13- Bow fishing

    Brian stopped using the spear, and he made a bow.
    It worked for catching fish. He caught tons of fish that day.
  • Chapter 14- fish pen

    He made a fish pen out of willows weaved to gether to store fresh fish in.
  • Chapter 15- first meat

    Brian was getting sick of fish meat, so he went hunting for birds that he called foolbirds. He tried using his bow & arrow but he could not aim right. He could not see them because they were camoflauged. But the next day he trained his eys to see them and he got his first bird meat.
  • Chapter 16- A tornado and a mad moose

    Brian woke up one sunny afternoon and, a mad moose attacked him, it damaged his ribs. At night time somthing woke him up, it was a tornado, it took every thing he had exept for the hatchet.
  • Chapter 17- The plane

    The tornado had brought the rear of the plane out of the water. Brian needed to get in there. There is a survival pack in there, so he had to.
  • chapter 18- In side the plane

    Brian made it into the plane. He found a survival pack, and the pilot. the fish had been eating the pilot, there was no meat on the pilots head any more, it was just a skull.
  • Chapter 19- Leaving

    Brian had found every thing he ever wanted in the pack, things like food, fishing gear, drinks, ect. And just as he was about to eat some of the food a bush plane came down on the lake, they finaly found him. He went home.