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Michael DiLeonardos GA growth timeline

  • headright system

    headright system
    the headright system was used to get more people to come to georgia.it granted land to people that could pay for there own ride over the atlantic.most headrights were from 1-1,000 acers of land. it was bassed off ur amount of family members and slaves. the headright system got not only more people to come to georgia but rich people too. so this gave georgia more population before it was even a state.
  • Period: to


    georgia growth period
  • university of georgia

    university of georgia
    UGA was important to the growth of georgia.it is the oldest public collge in the us and now is a well kown popularr school for education and sports.UGA brought people loooking for free education from all over the us. also it brought the city of athens.
  • city of louisville

    city of louisville
    louisville georgia was important to the growth of georgia.people came from around the us to farrm cotton on cotton gins.plus they had to bring slaves too.this brought money and population to georgia
  • cotton gin

    cotton gin
    the cotton gin was a machine that easly am quickly seperates cotton fiber from the seeds.this brought people to georgias cotton farms to grow cotton. so more people came to georgia brought population and more farmers means more money.
  • yazoo land fraud

    yazoo land fraud
    the yazoo land fraud is when the goverment og georgia took land from people and then sold it to companies.the real owners were mad because the goverment just came sold the land for an expaensive price making it more expensive for the people to live there,most couldnt afford too.
  • the georgia land lottery

    the georgia land lottery
    the land lottery was when people would enter there name into one bucket and then strips representing land in another bucket. so they drew a name and a land stip and thats what you got.this brought lots of money to georgia.
  • georgia railroads

    georgia railroads
    the railroads were in my opinion the biggest contributer to the growth of georgia. the original name of atlanta was terminus becaused most rail systems ended there.the railrods were very important and contributed econemy,population,and popluarity.
  • georgia baptist and methodist convention

    georgia baptist and methodist convention
    the georgia baptist convention formed in may of 1845 contibuted lots of population to georgia.the convetion was formed at the instigation of adiel sherwood