Growing Up

  • Born

    Alyssa Jackson was born at 3:15 am. 3lb's 12oz
  • Period: to


  • Japan

    I moved to Japan when I was two. My dad was in the military.
  • First Year in Band

    First Year in Band
    I joined the band when I was in the 6th grade. At Ransom Middle School.
  • First Nephew

    First Nephew
    My first nephew Kaydaice was born.
  • High School Graduation 2009

    High School Graduation 2009
    Tate HighGraduated from J.M. Tate High School with a 3.82 top 20%, with 416 students in my class
  • Genisis Band

    Genisis Band
    BandWas part of the first marching band created at Concordia College
  • Baby Ayla

    Baby Ayla
    My first neice was born
  • Graduation form College

    Graduation form College