Great Gatsby

By Got-em
  • Nick moves to New York

    Nick has no job;meets his cousin. lives in a small house lives next to a castle.
  • Chapter 2

    Nick goes to Tom's and Daisy's house for dinner. The phone rings and Tom answers the phone.Its myrtle which whom he is having an afair with.
  • Chapter 3

    Nick was personally invitied to Gatsbys party. Nick and Jordan went together and met Gatsby. Gatsby takes Jordan and has a private conversation.
  • Chapter 4

    Gatsby takes Nick to lunch they discuss Gatsbys past he says that he use to date daisy, and thats why he moved to West Egg. Gatsby asks Nick to invite Daisy over for Tea.
  • Chapter 5

    Nick invites Daisy over for Tea. Gatsby comes over. Daisy and Gatsby sits awkwardly and eventually warm back up to each other. Daisy begins to fall in love with Gatsby again.
  • chapter 6

    Nick finds the truth about Gatsbys past. Dan Cody made Gatsby a gentleman. Gatsby invites Daisy and tom over to his house for a party. Daisy did not enjoy.
  • chapter 7

    Daisy and Gatsby hang out a lot more; as a result Gatsby fires most of his works. Daisy brings Gatsby over to her house, and shows him her daughter. Tom tells Daisy that Gatsby is a bootlegger
  • Chapter 8

    Daisy and Gatsby ride back in the yellow car ( Gatsbys car). Daisy is the one who hit and killed Myrtle. Tom tells George Wilson that Gatsby is the one who hit Myrtle. George goes to Gatsbys and shoots and then him self.
  • Chapter 9

    Nick tries to call and find people that will attend Gatsbys funeral. Gatsbys dad comes to the funeral only one other person shows up.