Grad School

  • My birth

    Amanda Beth Johnson was born in Ames, Iowa
  • Moved to Spencer, Iowa

    My family moved to my Dad's hometown to be closer to my Grandpa Stub who was struggling with his health.
  • Confirmation

    My confirmation at the First Congregational Church in Spencer, Iowa was a significant step in my Christian development.
  • State Lincoln-Douglas Debate Runner-up 3 Times!

    I was the runner-up 3 times. Very depressing!
  • Flagfest Queen

    Finally won something!
  • College Graduation

  • Moved to Colorado and met my husband

  • Brett and I got married

  • Noah John-Tom Hoffman was born!

  • Moved back to Spencer, Iowa

  • Max Korvola Hoffman was born!

  • Went back to work

  • Started the School Guidance and Counseling Program at BVU.

  • Got all the points on this awesome timeline!