Global Communication

Timeline created by ThuelLee
  • first introduction of the concept of “communication”

    first introduction of the concept of “communication”
    Communication new technologies appeared from human needs, and once used, they transformed the traditional human interactions.
  • In 1982, First mobile communication was Established

    In 1982, First mobile communication was Established
    work began to develop a European standard for digital cellular voice telephony when the European Conference of Postal and Telecommunications Administrations (CEPT) created the Groupe Spécial Mobile committee and later provided a permanent technical support group based in Paris.
  • In 1987, memorandum of understanding signed in copenhagen

    the foundation for the first Europe-wide digital cellular system, which soon became the world’s first global mobile system as used by more than 700 mobile operators and served by thousands of suppliers today.
  • Produced the very first agreed GSM Technical

    Ministers from the four big EU countries cemented their political support for GSM with the Bonn Declaration on Global Information Networks in May and the GSM MoU was tabled for signature in September.
  • IGC Formed

    IGC formed an international link when it started hosting GreenNet in the United Kingdom.
  • Large growth in Internet

    --Number of hosts breaks 100,000
    --First relays between a commercial electronic mail carrier and the Internet
    --Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) and Internet Research Task Force (IRTF) comes into existence under the IAB
  • Expansion of Internet continues

    --300,000 Hosts. 1,000 News groups
    --ARPANET ceases to exist
    --Archie released files can be searched and retrieved (FTP) by name.
    --The World comes on-line (, becoming the first commercial provider of Internet dial-up access.
  • Modernisation Begins

    --Commercial Internet eXchange (CIX) Association, Inc. formed after NSF lifts restrictions on the commercial use of the Net.
    --Wide Area Information Servers (WAIS)
  • Multimedia changes the face of the Internet

    --Number of hosts breaks 1 Million. News groups 4,000
    --Internet Society (ISOC) is chartered.
  • Commercialisation begins

    --Internet celebrates 25th anniversary.
    --Now you can order pizza online.
  • Microsoft enter

    --Internet phones catch the attention of US telecommunication companies who ask the US Congress to ban the technology
    --new age in software development, whereby new releases are made quarterly with the help of Internet users eager to test upcoming (beta) versions.