German Unity

  • Period: to


    He annexed lands along Rhine River for France. All over German-speaking lands
  • Period: to

    Otto von Bismark

    Life of Otto von Bismark, spent early years on his fathers estate, worked as civial servant, continued work in the government.
  • Germany

    Germans found large companies and build many railroads.
  • Otto von Bismark

    Otto von Bismark
    King William I made Otto von Bismark chancellor of Prussia
  • Treaty of Vienna

    Treaty of Vienna
    Ended second war of Schleswig
  • Period: to

    Bismark vs. Austria

    Bismark invented an eccuse to attack Austria
  • Period: to

    Napoleon III

    A growing rivalry between France and Prussia led to Franco-Prussian war of 1870
  • William I

    William I
    He takes title of Kaiser
  • Versailles

    German princes gathered in the glittering Hall of Mirriors at the French palace in Versailles.
  • Zollverein

    Prussia created economic enion
  • German empire

    German empire
    German nationalists celebrate the birth of the second Reich
  • Frankfurt

    Peace at Frankfurt after French war was brought to a victorious and moderate end
  • German Government

    German Government
    Single currency is issued for Germany
  • german

    German health insurance gets better with more benifits such as health insurance and accident insurance
  • William II

    William II
    He shocked Europe by asking the dominating Bismark to resign.