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German Unification Pd. 2 Amber & Kourtney

By amber38
  • Bismarck Comes To Power

    Bismarck Comes To Power
    In 1862 Bismarck was the head of Prussia's cabinet. He built the army into a powerful war machine. Bismarck and William went against the Parliment and collected money without their approval for the military.
  • The Danish War

    The Danish War
    The war was located on the border of Denmark and Germany. Prussia and Austria declared war on the Danes because they didn't they approve of their new constitution. After three months of fighting in 1864 Denmark surrenders. After fighting Prussia gained control over the Schleswig and Austria gained control over the Holstein.
  • The Seven Weeks' War

    The Seven Weeks' War
    Bismarck provoked Austria into declaring a war on Prussia. He persuaded France to stay neutral, and formed a alliance with Italy. Prussia defeated the once powerful Austria and gained control over the Holstein and got Italy Venetia back. Then most of northern Germany created the North German Confederation. Prussia dominated most of this Confederation.
  • The Franco-Prussia War

    The Franco-Prussia War
    The French declared war over Prussia through a telegram. Nobody came to aid the French in the war, and even though Southern Germany was seperated they still helped their country. Napoleon surrendered and France ended up being controlled by German Troops.
  • Formation of the German Empire

    Formation of the German Empire
    The representivies of the German States met in the Hall of Mirrors at the Palace of Versailles. Bismarck was named the chancellor or cheif minister of the empire. He was later known as the "Iron Chancellor." The 25 German states formed a federal government. They had an emperor called the kaiser who headed the government and had tons of power. There was two houses that made the laws the Bundesrat and the Reichstag. Both made up more than 400members. The kaiser was also the king of Prussia.