German Unification

  • Napoleon invades German Lands

    In the war of Napoleon invadeing purrsia he was first seen as a help to Germany and to some he was seen as an invader
  • Congress of Vienna

    The Congress of Vienna is a confrence of states
  • Otto Von Bismarck Birth

    He was born in Schonhausen Germany
  • Zollverein

    The Zollverein is a bunch of German states that formed and managed the economy
  • Frankfurt Assembley demands unity

    In the assembley electives wrote or made a constitution for Germany
  • Frederick William IV is offered the throne

    Frederick William IV became king because his father passed away in 1840
  • Bismarck becomes prime minister

    Bismarck had a lot of expirence when he was a ambassador and sice he had this expirence he became prime minister
  • Blood and Iron speech

    This speech is about the unification of Germany
  • Bismarck declares war on Denmark

    Bismarck wanted to gain the German speaking territories
  • Bismarvk declares war on Austria

    Bismarck wanted to gain the territories of the German speaking territories and he succsseded
  • Franco Prussian war

    Bismarck sirred tension with both France and Prussia by editing a telographic message from William I to make both counrties feel insulted.
  • Second Reich is created

    The German Empire variously referred to as Imperial Germany, German Reich/Realm, Second Reich and also (unofficially) as Germany, was the historical German nation state that existed from the unification of Germany in 1871 to the abdication of Kaiser Wilhelm II in November 1918, when Germany became a federal republic. It was a predecessor of today's Germany.
  • Constitution drafted by Bismarck

    Bismark drafts constitution.people call it Bismarcks imperial constitution.
  • Population growth 1871-1914

    In thh years 1871-1914 there was an increse of population by 26 million people
  • Campaingn against the church

    Most of the people in Germany were Cathaolic and the all moves that were made did not work on the Church
  • Bismarck becomes chancellor

    Bismarck as a chancellor successfuly preserved the peace in Europe
  • William I of Prussia become emperor

    William became emperor of the Germans and was given that name by Bismarck himself because William wanted a different name but th ename he wanted was not fitting for him because the name was The Emeror of Germany and he diidnt own parts of Germany so the decided the name the The Emeror of Germans.
  • Campaign against the socialists

    Bismarck tried to push laws agains the socialists
  • House of Krupp

    The Krupp House is a industry where all the military weapons would be made for battle ships Ex:Cannons