German Unification

By ingemic
  • Period: to

    Napoleon invades German Lands

    Napoleon invades German lands spreading new ideas and pravokes French nationalism. He also lowered restrictions of the Jews and gave more rights.
  • Period: to

    Congress of Vienna

    This was a conference, in Vienna, of ambassadors of European states held by Austrian Statesman Klemens Wenzel von Metternich. The goal was to bring Euprope peace and to end issues with war.
  • Otto Von Bismark's birth

    Otto Von Bismark's birth
    Also known as Otto Eduard Leopold, Prince of Bismarck, and Duke of Lauenburg, and was a conservative Russian statesman. Bismark controled German and Russian conflicts and led wars uniting Germany.
  • Period: to


    The Zollverein was also known as German Customs Union, was a treaty among the german states. It dissolves tarriff barriers between the German states by managing trade economics.
  • Frederick William IV is offered the Throne

    Frederick William IV is offered the Throne
    The people of Germany offer William the throne, but he rejects it. It was offered by the people, he was not chosen by the gods so he did not want it.
  • Period: to

    Frankfurt Assembly demands unity

    The Frankfurt Assembly was Germany's first freely elected parliment. Had a series of debates about German rights and eventually created the Frankfurt Constitution.
  • Blood and Iron Speech

    Blood and Iron Speech
    Bismark said this speech trying to encourage the people if Prussia to do less talking and start taking action. He wanted to go into war with Europe.
  • Bismark declares war on Denmark

    Bismark declares war on Denmark
    Bismark made an alliance with Austria and faught Denmark. Bismark and Austria won.
  • Bismarck declares war on Austria

    Bismarck declares war on Austria
    Bismark made an excuse to break the alliance with Austria, and faught against them. After 7 weeks of this Austro-Prussian war, Bismarck won and took controle of even more German states.
  • Constitution drafted by Bismark

    Constitution drafted by Bismark
    Bismark wrote the The North German Constitution, which was the constitution of the North German Confederation. It represented the government of North German States and as Bismark hoped, it would create conservative majorities.
  • Bismark becomes Emperor

    Bismark becomes Emperor
    He becomes chancellor under William I, his goal being to unite Germany under Prussian rule. Bismark is a believer of realpolotik and believes that a unified germany wiill make Prussia stronger.
  • William I of Prussia becomes Emperor

    William I of Prussia becomes Emperor
    William I was King of Prussia,and the First German Emperor, with his minister president Otto Von Bismark. He brought unification to Germany by Prussia.
  • House of Krupp

    House of Krupp
    The house of Krupp an enormous German industrial complex that produced steel and weapons for a world market. These weapons helped create Germany's huge army.
  • Period: to

    Franco Prussian War

    Also known as War of 1870, Bismark makes it look like william I insulted Napoleon III by editing "ems dispatch". This made France angry and declare war, although resulting in Bismark's victory.
  • Second Reich is created

    Second Reich is created
    The Hohenzollern Germany was created by the emperor of Germany, William I, with the help of his minister Bismark. They made an army to unify Prussia.
  • Period: to

    Ecomomic development

    Germany become predominently urban, applying science to the development of new technologies. Germany became developed strong growing railroads, the world's strongest army, and a fast-growing industrial base.
  • Period: to


    Bismark didn't like the churches have power and catholics holding a third of the German population. So he held the campaign against the church and tried to take down the churches and end catholic teaching. Although, the catholics stood up for their fath and Bismark quickly made peace with the churches.
  • Period: to

    Population Growth

    The German states had rapidly idustrialized, built infrasrutucre and founded large companies. Also, had an abundance of natural resoursed, iron and coal. Population went from 41 million (1871) to 67 million (1914).
  • Period: to

    campaign against the socialists

    Bismark feared that the socialists would cause revolution, so he banned their meetings, ended socialist groups, and stopped the distribution of newspapers
  • William II becomes Kaiser

    William II becomes Kaiser
    WIliam II becomes Kaiser, says he was chosen by the gods like his grandfather. Bismark resigns as asked, and William II rules with a strong sense of nationalism which leads up to WW1...
  • Bismarck resigns

    Bismarck resigns
    After becoming Kaiser, William II asks Bismarck to resign. He does, leaving Williamm the only master in the Riech like he wanted.