Gerardo De Jesus Period 5

  • My Birthday

    My Birthday
    I was born in Puerto Rico in a city named Manatí I was 22 inches, 7lbs. And i lived there for 13 years.
  • Period: to

    Gerardo De Jesus Period 5

  • My sister was born

    My sister was born
    She was born 2 years after me, her name is Jeraliz... Just call her J.
  • Stiches in my head

    Stiches in my head
    I was in my moms king bed and i got under the sheets and when i got to the edge and fell and i hit the tile and i got 3 stiches in my head.
  • Baseball

    I was about 4-7 years old and I though i was going to be a baseball player for the rest of my life, well i didn't turn out that way, im trying to get back in the game but i dont know if i still have it in me, people told me i was good, i always thought i could be better. I threw the towell when a pitcher threw the ball and busted my finger preety bad, i was little then so i was like nop im not doing this anymore, and i went into a swimming team.
  • Swimming team

    Swimming team
    When i was 6-10 years old I got into swimming. I was in the team and i got to do races and turnoments, i wanted to do it because i'd never tryed it. I lasted like 1 year then i got tired of it. I kept going just because of the exercise. I lasted like 4 months like that then i got into boxing.
  • Boxing

    When i was like 9-10 i got into boxing i loved it i still do but im not boxing right now but i would be, but im to busy with school and evrything else. In this sport yo can let all your stress out in the punching bag or in your opponent. It was a great physical workout and i really liked it.
  • 6th grade graduation present

    6th grade graduation present
    It was summer of 06 and my dad took me to Saint Croix a little island of the virgin islands and I had a great time went spear fishing, Got to meet the other part of the family and had loads of fun.
  • Basketball

    I suck at basketball, but very often i make lucky shots. I was in a basketball team but i really did it for the exercise and to get stronger but it didn't last very much.
  • Playing guitar

    Playing guitar
    I started playing guitar when i was 12 but i didnt practice that much then. When i was really bored one day i searched on youtube how to play... and i learned alot. then i kept doing that alot when i could. I got zeros on assigments because i was practicing guitar. When i started getting 0 on assigments i started balancing everythin even and having priorities. I learned alot and then i got to mckeel and i learned a whole lot more.
  • Moved from Puerto Rico to Florida

    Moved from Puerto Rico to Florida
    We moved here because we have better education over here and because of my dad's work.