Georgia History timeline

  • Jan 1, 1000

    Paleo Cultur

    Paleo Cultur
    The Paleo Cultur existed 12,000 years ago . They did not make houses they folowed there food and hunted in pakes. They ate mammoth,sabertooth tiger, bison, grond sloth, wild horse , mosos , elk. They killed and ate large game.
  • Jan 1, 1000

    Archaic cultur

    Archaic cultur
    The archaic cultur existid from 8000 Bc - 1000 Bc
  • Jan 1, 1000

    Woodland cultur

    Woodland cultur
    The woodland cultur existid from 1000- Bc 1000 Ad
  • Period: Jan 1, 1000 to

    Mississippian cultur

    The mississippian cultur existid from jan/1/1000-jan/1/1000
    they used axes. they built houses.
    they grow there vegtbals.
    they used axes
    they killed deer and small game
  • Mar 5, 1540

    Hernando de soto

    Hernando de soto
    he killed thousands of natives.
    he came looking for gold. he never fond golg.
    many of his men kellp journels.
    he looked for gold in sotheastern states
  • charter of 1732

    charter of 1732
    king george 2 aronted the charter
    king george instuted the trustees
    oglethope and trustees colunisetd ga
    sertand people could not gone the coluny
  • Georgia founded by james oglrthorpe

    Georgia founded by james oglrthorpe
    he founde georgia.
    he was educated and weathy
    wanted theo help the people in trouble
    he was a englishman.
  • georgia founed by james oglethorpe

    georgia founed by james oglethorpe
    he founed ga
    he was educated and wethy
    he wanted to help the people in troble
    he was a englishman
  • salzbugers arrived in georgia

    salzbugers arrived in georgia
    they came frome austra
    they had to move because the land was bad
    there coluny was bured down
    they started the first church
  • highland scots arived in georgia

    highland scots arived in georgia
    they settled in darien georgia.
    they are huge.
    they were not scaired.
    keep the spanis from them
  • Period: to

    John Reynolds

    he was the worst gov'r
    he was a naval captain
    he was mean and bossey
    he had a 3 year term
  • Period: to

    Henry ellis

    he made the self government
    his health got bad
    made friendship with heads of the creek nation
    he came in right after John reynolds
  • Period: to

    James wright

    he served for 22 years
    he was the last royal governor
    he whint back to london in 1782
    he was arrested in 1776
  • Period: to

    amercain revoultion

    there were four reasonds for the american revoultion .9 year war bettwen the french and britise . proclonton line followed the appalachion moutons the bosten tea party the declartion of indapindes was aprrvies on july 4, 1776
  • austen dabney

    austen dabney
    the first blsk frome ga in the war.
    got land in madstion
    has a wight parent and and blak
    was in the amercain revoultion
  • articleds of confedaration rratified by all thirteen states

    articleds of confedaration rratified by all thirteen states
    13 states was there
    it happend maech 1 ' 1781
    the new constiution brurae for week strong
    all of the 13 states ratified it
  • university of ga established

    university of ga established
    first state suporded public university in the us
    it is a agucolcher collog
  • constituion convetion of 1787

    constituion convetion of 1787
    meetin of all of the states in philedaipa
    artrcles of confedaration need changeing
    abraham boldwun on willion few were gerogaia rep
    people frome every state came to right the condutuion
  • georgia ratified us constitution

    georgia ratified us constitution
    abraham balodwin and william few were georgias reps at the constiution convestion of 1787
    georgia raties the new constion for selfis reasions
    wants fed govt to have the rowr to urite the country
    needed the federal govt to hundred figjt the hative americans to move west
  • elijah clark and the battle of kettle creek

    elijah clark and the battle of kettle creek
    led the troops at kettle creek . took need suplise elija clark =clark counety ( athens ) decont a ayolp of 800 british solders
  • invention of cotton gin

    invention of cotton gin
    eli whitney mad it
    need more slaves
    mad it easer
    seperraded seed from fiber
  • yazoo land frard

    yazoo land frard
    ga legislatotats was bribed by privit bestnes
    they got all the land back
    ga citizens got mad and sued them
    they boult 35-50 million acers
  • Dallongga gold rush

    Dallongga gold rush
    gold found in north georgia
    deer hunters found it
    10,000 miners mined it
    they removed the charekit
  • trail of tears

    trail of tears
    over 7,000 indens removed
    it stanes for the trall they cried on
    a lot died
    the moved them to indenan resevations
  • worcester vs. georgia

    worcester vs. georgia
    it was a surren court case
    worcester whent to jail
    refusted to staned in missiororis
    president andrew jacken refused to enfor the decistio by wase
  • Antietem

    near sharpsburg marrion
    23,000 men was killed
    there was hours of savag combat
    it was one bad battal
  • Period: to


    in late 1863 the union fores move against the concederate ralilrod
    happend in late 1863
    braggd retredtd south to bothon
  • Period: to


    it was in pensavana
    the turning pont of the war
    there was 51,000 deaths
    was fought july 1-3 1863
  • Period: to


    it was in pensavana
    was the turning pont of the war
    there was 51,000 deathswas folt july 1-3 1863
  • Period: to

    shermen's march to the sea

    shermen and his best men marchted to the sea
    they burnd everything in there path
    the damige cost a 100 million
    it was on dec 22
    everything was burned
  • 13th Amendment

    13th Amendment
    freed all slaves
  • 14 th Amendment

     14 th Amendment
    Gave blacks equal citizenlen and equil freadom
  • 15 th amendment

    15 th amendment
    vote gavs black mals the righ to vote
    the kkk tried to keep blacks from voteing
  • Great Depression

    Great Depression
    People in the us browed a lot of money
    places had to lay off workers
    Factorays had mad more goods than could sell
  • Period: to

    Mayor Hartsfile

    He was the mayor of atlanta
    he served 6 termas
    His terms was (1937 - 1941 1942 - 1961)
    he hierd 8 black polece ofersers
  • Pearl Harbor

    Pearl Harbor
    Happend Decembr 7, 1941
    was in the navy station in hawaii
    the japes ataked at 8.00am
    they ended at 10.00am
  • Brown vs. Board of education

    Brown vs. Board of education
    A 7 year old black kepet tring to get in a all wight school and was denied
    the dad seuwed
    the case was kalled Brown vs. Board of education
    it reachet to suprem court
  • WW2

    The war was in 1943
    They was fighting in Europe
    a lot of young men had to jone the milltary
  • Holocaust

  • Period: to

    Mayor Allen

    Mayor of atlanta
    his teriems was from 1962 to 1970
    he contines mayor aorfserelld aprroofed to peoch intsprtion