Georgia History Timeline

  • Period: Jan 1, 1000 to Jan 2, 1000

    paleo period

    The earliest known inhabit ations of North America lived of the Paleo Indians. The Paleo Indians killed big game animals. They used spearheads on a end of a stick to kill the animals. Scientists have not found any settlements for the paleo Indians. But the spear point indicates that they passed through Georgia.
  • Period: Jan 1, 1000 to Jan 2, 1000

    Archaic period

    The descendents of the Paleo Indians are called Archaic Indians. Archaic indians improved techniques for fishing, gathering, and hunting. They used wide variety set of spearheads. These tools show they began to stay in one spot. They btraded the bowls to people in other regions for tools and utensils.
  • Period: Jan 1, 1000 to Jan 8, 1000

    woodland period

    The woodland Indians developed agriculture and farming. They began tob harvest. They built villages along streams. They developed bow and arrows. which provided them with food for one season
  • Period: Jan 1, 1000 to Jan 8, 1000

    mississpian period

    They relied on corn and beans and other rested crops as a steady fwa supply. Missisipians were the first true farmers. They built villages along rivers so they would have good growing soil. They used pottery as a tool
  • Jan 7, 1000

    Henry Eliis

  • Mar 1, 1540

    Hernando de soto

    Hernando de soto
    Hernando de soto is an evil man who killed lots of people . de soto's plan was to go to north to get gold. in his plan, he killed thousands of natives. He died on the expedition never finding gold.
  • Charter of 1732

    Charter of 1732
    The firsst twenty years of Georgia's history are referred to as trustees Georgia because during that time a board of trustees governed the colony king George signed a charter making the colony and creating it's governing board on April 21, 1732 the way he acted cumilated a lengthly process
  • Georgia founded by James oglethorpe

    Georgia founded by James oglethorpe
    Oglethorpe prposed a colony for poor England first claimed Georgia in 1663, Not until 1717 that the english made plans to settle
  • Salzburgeers arrive in Georgia

    Salzburgeers arrive in Georgia
    The salzburgers arrived from austria for religious reasons. They were being persecuted by the catholics in
  • Highland scots arrived in Georgia

    Highland scots arrived in Georgia
    The highland scots were recruited by Oglethorpe to protect them if the spanish attacked, knowing the Highland Scots were some of the best warriors he wanted them to help fight. They were placed closed to Florida where the spanish had control
  • John Reynolds

    John Reynolds
  • James Wright

    He was 3rd royal governor, Wright was governor during American revolution. He was arrested in 1776 then escaped and came back when british controlled city.
  • Eli Whitney's cotton gin

    Eli Whitney is the inventor and father of the cotton gin. This tool basically removed seeds out of the cotton. This invention Revolutionized the cotton industry in the United States. Seed removing machines were triad before this was actually invented ,but this was the ultimate weapon for removing seeds out of cotton. Eli Whitney died in 1825 of January.
  • Yazoo Land Fraud

    The Yazoo Land Fraud is one of the best events in the Revolutionary War. The end to a decade Frenzied speculation in the states public lands. This sale in 1795 did alot to straighten back up Georgia politics and to strain relations with the federal government for a generation. but the Yazoo land fraud led straight to the "Trail of Tears"
  • Period: to

    American Revolution

    The American revolutionary war was a disagreement war. This war lasted from 1775 and ended in 1783. In 1775 the Americans rejected the authority of parliament to tax them without elected representation; protests escalated as in the Boston Tea party of 1773 , and the British imposed punitive laws on massachusetts in 1774 the Patriots supressed then loyalist and expelled all royal officials. That means the colonists had their own government.
  • Austin Dabney

  • University of Georgia

  • University of Georgia established

    Georgia Establishes UGA as America's First state supported university."Land grant university" state government provides land. Athens, GA named BC it was the center of learning in Geaorgia.
  • Fugitive slave law

    The Fugitive slave laws were passed by the United States congress in 1793 and 1850 to make sure slaves that escaped were captured and returned. The first Fugitive slave law was authorized by local governments.
  • Capital moves from augausta to Lousville

  • capital moves from augasta to lousville

    The capital moves west to stay centralised geographically based on population. staehouse opened in May 1795. Named in honor of king Louis xvl of France.
  • Missouri compromise of 1820

    In 1820, Henry clay of Kentucky a proposed a two-part solution called the missiori compromise. First, Maine was admitted of a slave state . Not everyone was convinced that the issue of slavery had been sttled. But both sides agreed to the compromise.
  • Dahlonega gold rush

    The Dahlonega Gold Rush was when farmers started searching for gold in Georgia. who made the first discovery is unknown to us.But some people say that Benjiman Prks is the first person to find it. These gold miners would usually go underground to find their gold.
  • worcester v. Georgia

    This was a case in which the United States supreme court vacated the opinion of Samuel Worcester and held that the criminal statue that did not let non-native Americans from being present on native American lands without a licensce from the state was unconstitutional. His opimion is most famous for the dicta , which layed on the relationship between tribes and the states of federal governments. This build the foundations of the belief of tribal soveriegnty in the United States.
  • Compromise of 1850

    This compromise was five bills passed into the United States. This led to a confrontation between the slave states and the free states which was during the Mexican-American war. This was a decision to either take California as a slave state or a free state. It ended up going as a free state.
  • Dred Scott Case

    The Dred Scot case was a decision that had to be made on one thing. could a african american be considered to be an American citizen. and if dred scott could press charges against someone.Dred scott was kidnapped by a white man and claimed into a slave. The supreme court announced that an african american cannot press charges against anyone
  • Election of 1860

    This election was an outbreak on the civil war. Abraham Lincoln was elected on Tuesday November,6 1860. The united states had been divided in 1850S on questions surrounding the expansion of slavery and the rights of slave owners. Abraham went up against John c. Breckinridge. and was elected in 1860
  • Georgia secedes

    Georgia secedes from the union as the 'Republic of Georgia" and joined the newly formed confederacy. in the American civil war Georgia sent almost 100,000 soldiers into battle.
  • Gettysburg

    The battle of Gettysburg was fought from July 1-3 1863. They were around the town of Gettysburg, so that's why they call it that. This battle was during the civil war. This battle involved the largest number of casualties of the entire war, and is described as the world's turning point.
  • Indian removal act

    The indian removal act was a law passed on May 28.1830, while Andrew Jackson was still in presidency. This law was to send indian out of the south. This was strongly supported by non -native people in the south. They wanted to gain access to the land that the Indians were living on. They forced Indian to leave the south.