Gandhi's Road to Independence in India and Southwest Asia

  • Period: to

    First Independence War

    The first Independence war of India was in the north and in the center of India. It lasted a year. The causes were because of the different ethnic and cultures.
  • Period: to

    Hindu and Muslim Leage were created

    Two groups formed to rid India of foreign rule: the primarily Hindu Indian National Congress, or Congress Party, in 1885, and the Muslim League in 1906.
  • Indian troops returned home

    Indian troops returned home from the war.
  • British passed Rowlatt Acts

    British passed Rowlatt Acts
    British passed the Rowlatt Acts.
  • Hindus and Muslims flocked to Amritsar

    Hindus and Muslims flocked to Amritsar
    10,000 Hindus and Muslims flocked to Amritsar, a major city in the Punjab
  • Greeks soldiers invade Turkey

    Greeks soldiers invade Turkey
    Greek soldiers invaded Turkey and threatened to conquer it
  • Gandhi organized a nation-wide Satyagraha

    Gandhi organized a nation-wide Satyagraha which used non-cooperation techniques, as well as public demonstrations, in order to “withdraw Indian support from the vast, monstrous Machine of Empire until it ground to a halt”
  • Period: to

    European and American companies discovere oil

    European and American companies discovered enormous oil deposits in Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait.
  • British arrest Indians

    British arrest Indians
    the British arrested thousands of Indians who participated in strikes and demonstrations
  • Congress Party endorsed civil disobedience

    Congress Party endorsed civil disobedience, the deliberate and public refusal to obey an unjust law, and non- violence as the means to achieve independence.
  • Gandhi gets arrested

    The British arrested Gandhi for writing articles advocating resistance to colonial rule.
  • Mustafa Kemal

    Mustafa Kemal
    Brilliant commander, Mustafa Kemal successfully led Turkish nationalists in fighting back the Greeks and their British backers.
  • Kemal becomes president

    Kemal becomes president
    Kemal became the president of the new Republic of Turkey, the first republic in Southwest Asia.
  • Gandhi starts Salt Acts

    Gandhi starts Salt Acts
    Gandhi organized a demonstration to defy the hated Salt Acts.
  • Gandhi walks for Independence

    Gandhi walks for Independence
    Gandhi went with 78 followers on a 241-mile march to the coastal town of Dandi on the Arabian Sea.
  • British start to take Gandhi more seriously

    Gandhi went to a meeting that was a disappointment. The British leaders had acknowledged started to realize how he was powerful and that he was a subject that couldn't be ignored
  • Saudi Arabia was born

    Saudi Arabia was born
    He renamed the new kingdom Saudi Arabia after his family.
  • Civil Disobedience

    Gandhi announced a fast unto death" as part of his campaign to achieve equality for this downtrodden caste. He never actually achieved to have "equality" but he helped a lot.
  • Parliament passed India Act

    Parliament passed India Act
    The British Parliament passed the Government of India Act.
  • Greek-Persia-Iran

    He changed the name of the country from the Greek name Persia to the traditional name Iran.
  • Gandhi Burned English Cloth

    Gandhi Burned English Cloth
    Gandhi burned all clothes that were made with English cloth
  • Kemal dies

    Kemal dies
    Kemal dies
  • Hunger strike

    Hunger strike
    Gandhi does not eat unyil all Indians do not act on violence