Gandhi Timeline

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  • Gandhi is born.

    Gandhi is born.
    Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was born on October 2, 1869 in Portbandar, India. Gandhi is often referred to as Mahatma, which means Great Soul.
  • Gandhi's arranged marriage takes place.

    Gandhi's arranged marriage takes place.
    In May 1883, at the age of thirteen, Gandhi was married to Kasturba Makhanji, who was fourteen.
  • University College London

    University College London
    On September 4, 1888, Mohandas traveled to London, England to study law at University College London.
  • Returning to India

    Returning to India
    He returns to India to practice law.
  • Gandhi gets a job.

    Gandhi gets a job.
    In April 1893, Gandhi accepted a year-long contract from Dada Abdula & Co. in South America.
  • Gandhi is ejected from a South African train.

    Gandhi is ejected from a South African train.
    In May 1893, while Gandhi was on his way to Pretoria, a white man instructed Gandhi to move to a different van compartment. Gandhi, who had a first-class ticket, refused, and was thrown off the train at Pietermaritzburg.
  • Natal Indian Congress

    Natal Indian Congress
    Mohandas Gandhi founds the Natal Indian Congress on August 22,1894.
  • Gandhi's turn.

    Gandhi opens a law office in Johannesberg, South Africa.
  • The Salt March

    The Salt March
    Gandhi, followed by many, led the Salt March of 1930. The Salt March was a protest of salt tax. The British forbid Indians to make salt so that they were forced to buy their heavily taxed salt. It was a 241 mile march to the coast which took 24 days.
  • Gandhi is arrested.

    Mahatma Gandhi and 50,000 others were arrested for participating in the Salt March.
  • Gandhi's "fast" tactics.

    Gandhi's "fast" tactics.
    Gandhi fasts to protest treatment of Untouchables, who were cruely and unfairly treated.
  • Gandhi begins the nationwide "Quit India" movement.

    Gandhi begins the nationwide "Quit India" movement.
    Mahatma and the other from INC agreed to the policy a non-cooperation with Britain. The British's response from this was more arrests.
  • Gandhi's wife dies.

    Gandhi's wife dies.
    Kasturba Makhanji-Gandhi died at the age of 74. The cause was from two heart attacks that confined her to bed where she later died.
  • Muhammed Ali Jinnah

    Gandhi visited Muhammed Ali Jinnah in Bombay. They tried to work out an agreement to keep India together, but were unsuccessful.
  • Gandhi's death.

    Gandhi's death.
    On January 30, Gandhi was on his way to Pakistan when he was shot. He was killed at a prayer meeting in Dehli by a Hindu extremist named Nathuram Godse. Godse's reason for killing Gandhi was that he believed Gandhi was betraying his own people by refusing to celebrate independence.