• Sepoy Mutiny

    Sepoy Mutiny
    The "Sepoys" rebel and they all marched to the city of Delhi where more indian soldiers decided to join them, then they captured the city of Delhi and the rebellion spread northern and central india. The fighting started and both the indians and the British where fightng to death. The indians took about a year to regain conrol of the country. And the British send troops so aid the british in India. Both of this troops could not unite since there was a week leadership between Hindus and Muslims.
  • British Government takes control (Raj)

    British Government takes control (Raj)
    This rebellion coused a turning point in Indian history. And because of this the British government took direct contol of all India. The term "Raj" was then applied to the British rule that came to the indians when queen Victoria was crowned on her regime.
  • Indian National Congress

    Indian National Congress
    Because of India nationalism and nationalist groups the Indian National Congress was created. Made to defend Indian independence movement
  • Muslim League

    Muslim League
    The Muslim League was created to keep safe the rights that the Muslims have in India.
  • Gandhi returned

    Gandhi  returned
    Gandhi returned to india after a long time. He came back as a leader and nationalist organaizer, he then joined the Indian National Congress and he started looking at Indias problems, politics and people where his primary change. He wanted to do this peacful.
  • British lies again

    British lies again
    Before World War 1 British armies told Inidans to help aid the war on their favor (more like an order), in return British promised that they will become a self independent government. After World War 1 indian soldiers fighting for Britan came back, but the British had lied to the Indians. Devastated the indians formed revolts, as they where doing this the British stablished a law that if any revolt is done they will go to prison for 2 years(Rowlatt Acts).
  • Protest Rowlatt Acts (Amritsar Massacre)

    Protest Rowlatt Acts (Amritsar Massacre)
    Devistated again the indians formed an alliance between Hindus and Muslims, about 10,000 where gathered and marched to Amritsar, the major city in Punjab. At a feast they tried to fast and pray for a peacfull way. The british where alarmed by the alliance of the Hindus and Muslims so the Commander order to shoot at the people with no warning. About 400 died and over 1,200 where wounded. This coused indians to get angry and become nationalist.
  • Civil disobedience

    The leader Gandhi decides that
  • Swaraj

    In 1921 Gandhi invested quite of his wealth on the Indian National Congress. While he was here the constitution was reorganized by Gandhi himself. He invited anyone that wanted change and wanted to pay some wealth for the congress. As doing this Gandhi made and spread word and intention on doing this. He wanted no violence. He then stoped wearing the ordinary british outfit and started wearing a boycott of foreign-made goods.
  • Gandhi is Arrested

    Gandhi is Arrested
    After Gandhi did another of his peacfull revolts the they decided to press some charges on Gandhi. This was the third time that Gandhi had done something like this. He was sent six years' imprisonment, butgot out two years later for apendix surgery.
  • The flag changes

    The flag changes
    Flag was unfurled in Lahore.
  • Salt March

    Salt March
    This was a march created and organized by Gandhi. It was unique because it involved ablolutley no violecnce and it was creared so that the indian people could get salt without havng to pay the british for this and pay taxes too. They did this by getting salt water and letting the sun do its job and evaporating the water leaving the salt by its own. Then they decided that they should go to where the british processed the salt, but they got beat up by british officers
  • Gandhi negotiates

    Gandhi negotiates
    The British tries to negotiate with Gandhi. They tell him that they will free all political prisoners if Gandhi and India had stopped making disobedience movements. Gandhi was then invited to attend to a meeting in London. Lord Willingdon then decided to arrest Gandhi because he was focusing too much on naionalism.
  • Gandhi fasting

    Gandhi fasting
    Gandhi decided to do a 21-day fasting program and launched a one-year campaign to aid the Harijan movement.
  • Britan grants little

    Britan grants little
    The British passes the Government of India Act. This made local self-government and limited democratic elections, but there was still no compleate independent government. There was conflict betwwen Hindu and Muslim, there was no decision weather future conflict would become a problem as an independent nation. Muslims where scared that hindus will take control of india after their independence.
  • Quit India Movement

    Quit India Movement
    This was an event created by Gandhi, it was a civil disobediant movement. They demanded "an orderly British withdrawal" from India. Many did not participated since they will be sent to jail because of the protest. The Quit India movemnt was a falure.
  • Gandhi WW1

    Gandhi WW1
    Gandhi is arrested in Bombayby the British. Gandhi was in prison for 2 years. Then her 50 year old assistant had died. He was then gottent out of prison because of his bad health.
  • Indian Independent Act

    Indian Independent Act
    India and Pakistan become independent. In August 14 Pakistan became a independent country and the next day India became an independent country.
  • Gandhi death

    Gandhi death
    Mahatma Gandhi is murdered