Gabriel MacGiollaRua: Computer Advancements of the 90's

  • 1990: Microsoft Office was created

    Lead inventor: Microsoft owner/founder, Bill Gates. Invention: In 1990, the first version of Microsoft Office was released. The capability to create and edit documents without having to use a type wrier is a milestone achievement. Could you imagine not having this program around during this age?
  • 1991-Linux takes off

    Inventor: A Finnish student by the name of Linus Torvalds. Invention: An operating system by the name of Linux that revolutionized creative freedom in software engineering capabilities. Quite a few companies rely on Linux for their computer servers.
  • 1991-Here comes the MacIntosh Powerbook

    Inventor: MacIntosh computers, and co-produced by Sony. Invention: The portable and user-friendly MacIntosh Powerbook laptop. Complete with a track-ball, floppy disk drive, and hand rests. Game changer for years to come. It certainly influenced laptop design for decades after.
  • 1999-Wifi, welcome to the party

    inventor: Dr. John O'Sullivan invention: Internet WiFi. Also known as Wireless Fidelity. While previous inventors such as Hedy Lamar, George Antheil, and Nikola Tesla are recognized for developing the frequency-hopper system, it was Dr. O'sullivan and his team at CSIRO that developed spread radio technology for reducing multipath interference of radio signals transmitted for computer networking. Patented in 1996, couldn't imagine our world without it.
  • 1996: Hotmail has arrived

    Inventors: Sabeer Bahtia and Jack Smith Invention: Hotmail. Oh yes, internet based email was the dawn of a new age. Not that the Post Office and traditional letter sending was an issue, but when time is of the essence, then digital mail is the way. Thank you Hotmail!