Future Plan

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    Personal Growth Envision


    Where will you be (at this stage of your life)?
    What will you be like?
    I'm an intelligent, young, and happy teenager. Now I'm going through school and trying to figure out who I am. Now I posess characterstics like; honesty, humor, generousity, and humble.I come to school everyday and take full advantage of my resources that will get me into college and infiinity beyond.
  • Senior Year

    Senior Year
    Where will you be (at this stage of your life)?
    Senior year I'll be busy and determined to be the very best I can be. I'll be more focused on school and not my social. At this point I'll be appyling to schools and working on graduating. My would my work-ethic, intelligence and determination have gotten me here. Doing my working, getting extra tutoring when needed, and participating helped me achieve this sucess.

    In college at UCLA I'll be more independent. I won't be at home so I'll be doing what a regular college student will be doing Studying, working, of course a little partying. Overall I'll be the same strong minded lady I've always been that has helped me get here but I would have learned key skills and tactics that is need for an 18yr in collge that will keep me here like time management, responsibilty, and independence. Thinking ahead and my future in the long run would gain me great sucess.
  • UP, UP, AND AWAY!!!!

    UP, UP, AND AWAY!!!!
    I'll be a firm and powerful International lawyer working for the government. During this time I'll be studying cases and or represnting the country or citiznes in disputes. My perserverance and my ability to defend what is right will have gotten me this job. I defend my country in matters they cannot and receive us our justice and that will be the foundation of my success.
  • AMBITION!!!!

    I'll be a sucessful lawyer focused on building up on my career. I'll be just getting a home of my own and finding where I'm comfortable to enjoy life the best. My characteristics consist of: determination, courage, and ambition! Following my dreams and accomplishing them would make me oustanding.

    Where will you be (at this stage of your life)?
    I'll be a loving wife and mother. Although I'll have a career as an International Lawyer I will also be focusing on my new family as well. At this time in my life I'll have the following characterstics; honesty, modesty, humble, strong, independent, personable. This all would have helped me have this family and career. I now focus on the bigger picture and not just on myself and that will lead to my success.