From Lenin to Stalin

By ht14
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    From Lenin to Stalin

  • General

    On this year Stalin became a general secretary of the party in which he used that position to built a loyal group of Communist officials who owed their jobs to him.
  • Economics

    This year, Lenin adopted the New Economic Policy which allowed some capitalist ventures. This helped the Soviet Union in many ways.
  • The Communists

    On this year the Communists produced a constitution that seemed both democratic and socialist. If this constitution was approved, it would have been called the Supreme Soviet, and would have given all citizens over the age of 18 the right to vote.
  • Lenin

    This day, Lenin took office as Chairman of the Council of People's Commissars of the Soviet Union in which he first was occupied with putting down the Civil War.
  • Lenin continued

    After the communist victory and his personal power were secured, he started rebuuilding the state and the economy which was destroyed because of World War l, two revolutions, and years of civil war.
  • Like the Russian czars

    Like the Russian czars, the Communist party used it's army and secret police to inforce their will. Russia dominated all other Republics.
  • Moscow

    On this day, tens of thousands of people lined up in Moscow's Red Square to see Lenin's dead body after he was killed a few days earlier.
  • Lenin's Death

    Lenin's death started a power struggle between Communist leaders like Trotsky and Joseph Stalin.
  • Economic Plan 2

    This year, Stalin proposed the first of several "five-year plan".
  • Trotsky

    After all of his work, he fled the country on this year.
  • Mixed Industrial Results

    Stalin's plans helped expand mining, and new railroads were made.
  • Stalin's control

    His control helped grain production increase, but it did not improve farm output.
  • Great Purge

    On this year, Stalin launched the Great Purge in which Stalin used his secret police to crack down the party activists from the earlier days.
  • Show Trials

    Stalin staged a series of spectacular public show trials in Moscow. These trials increased Stalin's power.
  • Trotsky continued

    He was murdered on this day in Mexico by a Stalin agent.
  • Germany

    On this day Germany invaded the Soviet Union.