French Revolution and Napoleon

  • Old Regime

    How France was run before the French Revolution
  • Tennis Court Oath Taken

    When the National Assembly was locked out of the meeting of the Estates General to discuss new laws so the national assembly broke into a tennis court and took this oath to keep meeting until changes were made in France
  • Storming the Bastille

    When the French broke into the Bastille freeing 7 prisoners and taking the gun powder to attack the swiss guards and Louis
  • The Great Fear

    When 60,000 Parisian women marched to Versaillesbroke into the palace and took the king and queen as captives
  • Beginning of the Revolution

    Started when Louis XVI ignored the enourmous debt in France
  • Constitutional Monarchy

    National Assembly wrote a constitution making France a constitutional monarchy and kept Louis and Mary alive
  • Louis

    Louis XVI was executed
  • Reign of Terror

    Robespierre and the Committee for Public Safety starts killing thousands of people because they were paranoid about traitors and many innocent people lost their lives
  • Ending of the Terror

    Mid 1974 The Reign of Terror died out
  • Napoleon Comes to Power

    In 1800 a plebiscite was taken to support Napoleons Constitution
  • Napoleon Crowns Himself

    Napoleon took the crown and put it on his head instead of the pope crowning him this showed Napoleon was more powerful than the church
  • Battle of Trafalgar

    Naval Battle that was fought between Britain and Napoleon that the British won
  • Invading Russia

    Napoleon invaded Russia unprepared for harsh weather, diseases, no food and Russians burning everything
  • Congress of Vienna

    Representatives from European countries that met in Vienna, Austria to discuss how to return France back to normal after Napoleons rule
  • Battle of Waterloo

    Battle fought between Napoleon and the third coalition when Napoleon escaped from Elba the island he was banished to and the third coalition won
  • Napoleon died

    Napoleon died of the second island he was exiled to Saint Helena