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The French revolution

  • Louis XV.

    Louis XV.
    Louis XV was a monarch who ended up being reigned from 1715 to 1774, France's troubles started with the kings lazy and ignorant attitude toward the needs of the French people. The French were divided into three classes, because of this they were known as the clergy, the nobles, and everyone else. even though the last estate did the majority of the work and were the ones paying most of the taxes, they received little freedom.
  • Napoleon

    Born on the island of Corsica to Italian parents, Napoleon had moved to France to attend military school. There he graduated as an artillery officer. Napoleon later led France to victories against the Austrians and Sardinians. He became a general at only twenty- six.
  • Louis XVI

    Louis XVI
    Louis XVI, a close relative to Louis XV. Louis XVI resigned from 1774 to 1792. He became king at the age of nineteen. Having received the news that his grandfather had passed away leaving him to be king, Louis said" this is such a burden! at my age?! The new king was a change for everyone at their time. Even though he ended up being an Honest king, he was very stubborn and not good at making decisions. -ignitia
  • End of Monarchy

    End of Monarchy
    The army of the National Convention was once led by a newer Commander, named General Charles Francois Dumouriez, who defeated the Austrian and Prussian forces. the National Convention
    was happy with this news and by that declared an end to the monarchy and the start of a French republic.
  • The French republic.

    The French republic.
    Louis XVI was put to trial by The National Convention, he was found guilty and put to death. Not much later on the French army continued to push onward driving the Austrian and Prussian armies out of their country. they also went on to invade the Austrian Netherlands, then captured the city of Brussels, they were proud of their army so the National Convention publicly announced their intention of liberating Europe from the Old Regime.
  • Reign of Terror.

    Reign of Terror.
    meaning while the army was winning victories the government of France descended to its most barbaric level. being Led by Danton's group, the Jacobin Club, set up the Committee of Public Safety which ended up ruling the country with dictatorial power. The Committee thousands of opponents, jailed. Around 18,000 people were killed for different "crimes" against the government Robespierre was condemned and killed in 1794. That marked the end of the Reign of Terror. -ignitia
  • The Directory

    The Directory
    The European coalition was driven off by the French in 1795 driving them off was not easy for the French. there were many lives lost in the fighting but the country's treasury was also depleted.
    The French army was feared, strong and very popular they crushed any opposition to the National Convention after the Reign of Terror, the Convention wanted a stable government controlled by the conservative middle class.
  • French laws.

    French laws.
    The National Convention passed mostly every French law, the laws were settled into a code a national system of public education was set up, slavery was allowed in French colonies, and the metric system of weights and measurements was legal. Many laws weren't ever followed because of the collapse of the revolution
  • The Napoleon years.

    The Napoleon years.
    Napoleon's coup d'etat made him the dictator of France. He was so great he influenced people for years later became known as the Napoleonic Era of Europe. Many neighbouring nations were strongly influenced by the French during this time.
  • Napoleon's task

    Napoleon's  task
    Napoleon was to reorganize the French army. He placed discipline and came out with a strong army. even though Bonaparte's ability to inspire others and his loyalty to the armed forces. Napoleon set out to defeat France's enemies. He also defeated the Austrians in Northern Italy in 1800. The Austrians signed a peace treaty with napoleon in 1801 ending their war with France. -ignitia