Fred hollows

  • Birth day

    Birth of Fred Hollows
  • University of Octago

    He went to the medical school at the university of Octago
  • House surgeon

    House surgeon Aucland hospital
  • Marriage

    Married Mary Skiller
  • Period: to

    The time Fred spent in Australia

    The time Fred Hollows spent in Australia
  • Period: to

    Associate Professor of Ophthalmology, UNSW, Sydney, Australia

    Chairman of Division of Ophthalmology of the UNSW, Prince of Wales and Prince Henry teaching hospitals, Sydney, Australia
  • Aboriginal care

    Helped set up first Aboriginal Medical Centre, Redfern, Sydney
  • Fred's wife dies

  • Cancer

    Diagnosed with cancer
  • R.I.P

    Died in Sydney on 10 February Survived by Gabi and children Tanya, Ben, Cam, Emma, Anna-Louise, Ruth and Rosa State Funeral held at St Mary's Cathedral in Sydney on 15 February Buried in Bourke on 17 February
  • IOL

    IOL Laboratory opened in Eritrea IOL Laboratory and Surgical Eye Centre opened in Nepal