Francis Ingeborg- German Immigrant

  • Coming to America

    Coming to America
  • Meeting a Criminal

    Meeting a Criminal
  • Hostage Situation

    Hostage Situation
  • Hostage Situation Cont'

    Hostage Situation Cont'
    I realized who the criminal was, Trevorito Lemonito! I run around the back of the bank and get into the building. I see where he is standing with his AK47 I run quickly to him and tackle him and knock the gun away. We wrestle for a bit but finally I get my revenge and arrest him. I become a hero for this for saving 90 lives but lost 10.
  • Ceremony/ Starting a business

    Ceremony/ Starting a business
  • Criminal Breaks Out

    After two years of starting my company NYPD I heard the criminal, Trevorito Lemonito escaped from prison. After hearing this I got a few units to go find him and bring him to me. The units went out to find but never did. I assume that he went away from the city to start a new life.
  • Note From The Criminal

    I've become very sick lately. I don't know if it is a common cold or some disease. After a week of my sickness getting worst I've received a note from Trevorito Lemonito saying "Hello my good sir, I've known you've became sicker and sicker recently. That is because of me, I poisoned both your food and drinks. I've done this because you put me away for several years of my life and I've planned to get revenge by ending yours."
  • Death Bed

    I've became so sick that the doctor says that everyday could be my last . But I know that today is my last day so I am giving the Police Department to Trevorito Lemonito. I know it might sound weird to give a business to the guy that is the reason I'm dying. But I think that if I give him a business to run and some wealth that maybe it will keep him out of crimes and bring good to his life. This is the last of me goodbye world...