Four Years Journey

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    Four Years Journey

  • Freshman One Acts

    Freshman One Acts
    I really came out of my shell through my character who was a crazy professor. The opening night was an amazing experience. So was the second day, which ended with tears and a newfound love for my cast. I felt like I belonged to a family that I dearly loved and would miss.
    One song that takes me back to this time is Levels by Avicii.
    You can click on it to listen to it!
  • Monologue Show

    Monologue Show
    This was another platform where I got a chance to be on stage and share my writing. I wrote a metaphorical piece that represented an essay as life. Hanging out with fellow performers backstage was amazing; we played Apples to Apples and took lots of pictures. I didn't want the weekend to end. Best 3 days ever!
  • Going away party

    Going away party
    I had an amazing time saying goodbye to my friends and hanging out, playing board games, chilling by the bonfire with smores, running around sprinklers.
  • 16th Birthday

    16th Birthday
    Although I did not have an extravagant 16th birthday party, I was amazed by how my friends surprised me with a simple yet special card. I also went to the movies and had a really nice time.
  • Visited Naperville

    Visited Naperville
    In spring of 2013, I went to Illinois for my brother's college graduation. (Little did I know that I would be studying at UIUC someday). The ceremony was fun and what was even better was seeing my friends again.
  • End of the year Badminton

    End of the year Badminton
    To wrap up badminton, we had a fun party at Rainbow Park. We ate lots of food and chips, signed yearbooks, and got awards for the best players. I got perfect attendance for practices! What an amazing way to end the season and start the summer.
    The best decision I made was trying out for the Badminton team. I looked forward to it during the whole season and it made my semester a little brighter as I met so many amazing people!
  • Homecoming (Junior Year)

    Homecoming (Junior Year)
    This was my first homecoming at Lynbrook. I had missed out last year and ofcourse freshman year when I didn't go here. I had so much fun, from the wee hours of the morning to our skit before noon; every moment was a lot of fun. The gauntlet was my favorite part; I truly experienced the fun and spirit that constitutes homecoming.
  • 17th Birthday

    17th Birthday
    My friends surprised me by decorating my locker, getting me balloons and a cake. It was a very happy friday, indeed!
  • JProm

    Let me take a selfie
    JProm started off a bit slow but turned out to be a night I truly didn't want to end. I danced a lot and took pictures with my amazing friends! I have inserted the link to the song that remind me of the night :)
  • International Night

    International Night
    This was truly the highlight of my participation in Interact Club at Lynbrook. I was part of their committee throughout the year and this charity event was the result of our collective hardwork. It was so much fun volunteering backstage and bonding with my fellow committee members. The best part is always the feeling of belonging to a group that feels like family. I love nights like these.
  • Santa Cruz Boardwalk

    Santa Cruz Boardwalk
    At my brother's birthday, we went to Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. I loved
    the combination of the beach and rollercoasters! I refound my love for rides and the thrill that is associated with them. Besides my family, our family friends went as well and it was a great day with them.
  • Santana Row

    Santana Row
    Over christmas/winter break, my 2 besties and I dressed up for fun and went to Santana Row. It was a much needed stress free night eating at Pizza Antica, buying clothes, and taking pictures with the beautiful christmas lights at night.
  • 18th Birthday

    18th Birthday
    I celebrated my birthday at BJ's a week later but was it worth it! Curling my hair, getting presents, taking pictures with a big polaroid cut out, eating good food and just hanging out was indeed an amazing birthday. Started my year off well!
  • Senior Prom

    Senior Prom
    Senior prom was probably the best night of this whole year. I loved wearing a long dress, getting my nails and
    hair done, taking pre prom pictures, and best of all, spending it with friends whom I love. We danced like no one was watching and I was so grateful that our venue was on a boat! Going under the golden gate was beautiful and although it was cold out on the deck, I loved every moment of it. Wish it didn't have to end.