Five Things

  • My Awesome Family

    My family will always help me even though they won't be with me for ever in life. My family will always help me like school. But my family means so much to me because they are the only ones I will have and they will help me when iI have a tough time with feelings or when someone died in our family.
  • Me At the First Day of School

    School helped me by making me smater in life and it will always stay with me in my head. School helped me when i had a proplem adding, subtracting, writing down things, or just having a qoestion for anything. School also helped me make new friends and not so much shy.
  • Me Getting on a Computer

    It helped me get use to asking something else than my teachers and it also helped me on searching on the internet when i need help or when I'm bored so i can whatch some of my favorite shows. When I needed help the computer/internet it helped me when iI had a topugh proplem.
  • Liking and Playing Soccer

    It helped me be more allethic in my life and it is still going to help me in the future. Soccer is the career that I want for my life and it will get me more allethic in my life. Soccer will help me on getting the money that I need to get a house and the food that I need.
  • Me having Fun Skating

    It helped me not be scared of getiing hurt or getting bruses and it helped me get myself get stonger physically. Skating is a hobby to me and it helped me get to places that I needed to get to and the car wasn't working or it needed gas. Skating help me have more fun when I was done with my homework.