First catholics in Australia

  • First catholics arrive

    First catholics arrive in Australia in 1788 as convicts
  • Rebellion in Ireland

    In 1798 a rebellion broke out in Ireland which fuelled the suspicion and mistrust of the Irish by the British
  • William Johnston

    Sent to Australia because he was involved in the the 1798 riot, assembled 300 Irish men at Castle Hill in rebellion against the government
  • No catholic priests

    Until 1820 no official priests had arrived. Then Fathers Therry and Conolly arrived
  • First bishops

    There are now bishops in Sydney
  • Sisters of St Joseph

    Mary MacKillop and Fr Julian Tennison found the Sisters of St Joseph
  • No Government funding

    The Government stops funding Catholic schools
  • Education acts

    In Victoria the state government passed a seris of education acts. Which made schools Free, Compulsory and Secular
  • Defiance to the Education acts

    The Catholic communties decided to still teach their faith in their schools, But had to do so in small rickety buildings.
  • Immigration Restriction Act

    Thisact meant that if you wanted to come to Australia you had to have white skin
  • Victorian Catholic Workers association

    Victorian Catholic Workers association is formed, they fought for educational justice for the catholics
  • Rebellion in Ireland

    Irish rebelled against British rule, and the Catholics in Australia believed that it had been provoked by the British
  • Tension rises

    The tension between Catholics and other denomination rises and the Catholic are accused for not sharing the war effort