Felipe Mortando

By s-pkuhn
  • Packing up

    Packing up a week before getting on the ferry, I am taking a music box my mother gave tom leftover money, and the rest of my clothes and a valuable pocket watch.
  • Period: to

    Beginning and End

  • Im on the ship to America!!!

    I had a little struggle getting on the ship but now I just have to enjoy the ride.
  • I have arrived America...

    I arrived at 3:00 pm this week and ive been staying in an apartment since, I have unpacked all my belongings and im ready to find a job.
  • I have found the perfect job

    I have been looking for jobs all over ive been a blacksmith for 3 years and a carpenter for 1-2 years and now im moving westward to be a miner.
  • In the doctors office

    I have been traveling fo a few months now and I got my leg stuck in a ditch and when I tried to get out of the situation I heard a snap!!!
  • I found it! I HAVE FOUND IT!!!

    I have finally found open land for the dream house ive always wanted and it was quite a lot too
  • Its my Birthday!

    My birthday present felt like it was from god and I was literally asked to work as a miner because of my working records how great is that
  • Before anything else...

    For my job to come true I had to move about 3 miles westward. And on the way I met some really great who are appliying for the same job. Their name were Andre Nurmamad and Gianni Nurmamad and finally Chris Till oh and let me tell ya he was a funny guy
  • Ahh those were the good ol' days...:)

    In the last 40 years I have been having a blast with my friends and my new land and especially my new horse I bought a few weeks ago. The job is going greatly I have been trying to dig for gold for ages no luck yet but I know when god will respond