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Federation to Australia

  • Tenterfield Speech

    Sir Henry Parkes (the premier of NSW), gives a speech at Tenterfield that starts debates about federation.
  • Period: to

    Federaton Process

    -Debates, conferences and votes occurred during this time.
  • Constitution

    Final details and adjustments are made to Australia's first constituion in Easter.
  • Sydney Conference

    A conference to draw up the new constitution is held in Sydney.
  • Delegates

    NSW, ViC, TAS and SA civilians eslect delegates to attend the national Australasian Convention.
  • Model of Government Referendum

    NSW, VIC, TAS and SA civilians vote in a referendum to decide if they agree with the model of government chosen by the National Australasian Convention.
  • Second Referndum

    A second referendum is necessary and heald in NSW, VIC, TAS, SA and QLD.
  • Queen VIctoria's Approval

    Queen Victoria agrees to the new constitution in 1900 and WA decides to join federation.
  • Federation

    Federation between all colonies is declared on the first of January.