Family Oral HIstory Project Timeline - Daddy

  • Date of Birth

    Date of Birth
    This is the day I was born, obviously.
  • Period: to

    Thomas Webster's Current Life

  • Mediacre

    Mediacare began today.
  • Rolling Stones & New York Magazines

    •Rolling Stone and New York Magazine debut, spawning the popularity of special-interest and regional magazines. Read more: Information Please: 1967
  • Elvis and Priscilla

    Elvis and Priscilla
    TOday Elvis got married to Priscilla I don't actually remember this; but I know it happened now.
  • Taught to Swim

    I know my mom taught me to swim in the bath tub.
  • Americans Kill at My Lai

    Americans kill 347 civilians at My Lai in the Vietnam War
  • Digging in Flower Beds

    I remember digging in the flower beds with our dog Peggy.
  • U.S. Gets to the Moon

    U.S. Gets to the Moon
    Apollo 11 astronauts Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin take the first steps on the moon.
  • Moved to hardwood house

    I had to move to the hardwood house, I don't really know what it was called, so to me it was the hardwood house. I can remember having to change schools too.
  • U.S. invades Cambodia

    U.S. troops invade Cambodia in order to destroy North Vietnamese sanctuaries
  • Little Sister Born

    Today my little sister, Terrie, was born. Awesome:)
  • Twenty-Sixth Amendment

    The twenty-sixth amendment was added lowering the voting age to 18.
  • Built shed and swing set

    My dad built the shed and the big swing set for my sister and I.
  • American Ground Involement over

    A ceasefire is signed, ending involvement of American ground troops in the Vietnam War.
  • Spending summmer with Grandpa

    This summer I spent with my grandpa at his cabin. I fished and Skiied everywhere, as I loved to do.
  • Nixon Resigns

    Nixon announces that he will resign from office. He is the first president to do this.
  • Moved to Wisconsin

    I moved, again, to Wisconsin. I had to change schools again and make all new friends. As a tipicle child I thought my life was ending.
  • Grandma Hyzer

    When I was eleven my grandma died. I was really really upset for a while becuaes of it. I remember the tears.
  • Mayaguez Seized

    American merchant ship Mayaguez, seized by Cambodian forces, is rescued in operation by US Navy and Marines, 38 of whom are killed
  • Mom Called to school for drawing chipmonks

    I can remember getting in trouble for drawing chipmonks when I was done with my homework. My mom was called to the school and my teacher talked to her and said that it was a problem, and my mom being my mom said well is he dirupting anyone and I wasn't. The teacher just said that the other students don't thinks it's fair that he gets to draw, and my mom said to give me more work.
  • Went to Mount Rushmore

    Went to Mount Rushmore
    We took a trip to Mount Rushmore and it was in one word Awesome!
  • Went to Grand Canyon

    Went to Grand Canyon
    This I went to the Grand Canyon and it was just as amazing as Mount Rushmore!!!
  • Pope problems

    Pope Paul VI , dead at 80, mourned (Aug. 6); new Pope, John Paul I, 65, dies unexpectedly after 34 days in office (Sept. 28); succeeded by Karol Cardinal Wojtyla of Poland as John Paul II (Oct. 16).
  • Moved to Texas

    We moved to Witchita Falls Texas this year. Same process, new school, more freinds.
  • Three Mile Island Radiation Accident

    Nuclear power plant accident at Three Mile Island Power plant releases lots of radiation.
  • US breaks Diplomatic ties

    •US breaks diplomatic ties with Iran
  • Started High School

    I started my Freshman year! Yay:0
  • Texas Tech Band Camp

    Texas Tech Band Camp
    I went to Texas Tech Band Camp over the summer for my clarinet.
  • Reagan nominates Sandra Day O'Conner

    Reagan nominates Judge Sandra Day O'Connor, 51, of Arizona, as first woman on US Supreme Court
  • Started Playing In Symphony

    I started playing with Symphony with CLarinet.
  • Space Shuttle Challenger

    Second space shuttle, Challenger, makes successful maiden voyage, which includes the first US space walk in nine years
  • Separated Shoulder

    One time at band camp...I separated my shoulder while playing football. Go figure.
  • US Marines Witthdrawl from Beirut

    Reagan orders US Marines withdrawn from Beirut international peacekeeping force.
  • Graduated

    I graduated from Grand Blanc High School after we moved three months before my graduation back to Michigan.
  • Started College

    I started college that I still have not completely finished to this day.
  • Met Furture Wife

    I met my future wife, SHerri, while picking up my Girlfriend. It was a little strange how it played out but I'm glad it did.
  • US attacks Lybian Terrorist centers

    President Reagan stops Libyan assets in US (Jan. 8). US planes attack Libyan "terrorist centers."
  • Sold Kirby's

    I was a vaccum door salesman with my girlfriend, Sherri. What a great year....not!
  • Signed up for Army

    Signed up for Army
    I signed up for the Army with my wife on this day. When we went to basic training I went to Fort Knox, Ky and she was sent to Fort Dix,Nj. This was depressing I had to leave my Wife to be just for basic training:(
  • One of The Best day of My Life

    One of The Best day of My Life
    Today I was married to Sherri Webster:) We didn't have the traditional wedding. We were married in the barracks and Sherri had to get back before her bed check at 21:00 hours.
  • Panama

    Army deployed to Panama to help people with their General Noriga
  • Us Invades Panama

    US troops invade Panama, seeking capture of General Manuel Noriega.
  • Deployed to Saudi Arabia

    Today I was deployed to Saudi Arabia to help with Desert Shield and had to leave my wife and unborn child.
  • Birth of first daughter

    Birth of first daughter
    This day Brandi, first daughter, was born. He was unfortunelty not there, he was in Jordan.
  • Persian War Ends

    Official cease-fire accepted and signed (April 6). 532,000 U.S. forces served in Operation Desert Storm. There were a total of 147 U.S. battle deaths during the Gulf War, 145 nonbattle deaths, and 467 wounded in action.
  • Stationed in South Korea

    I was stationed at Camp Pellum in Munsun on March 21st. I once again left my wife and another unborn child, my son.
  • Birth of Son

    Birth of Son
    Today Aryn, son, was born. Once again dad wasn't there, he was in Korea this time.
  • Body Building Competition

    Not an exciting year. The only major thing I can rmember is getting second in a Body Building competition for helth and moral. My parents also bought their cabin in Michigan. I came home from korea which was great! I got to see my family again.
  • Now at Fort Benning

    We all moved to Fort Benning, GA. Yay another move.
  • Went to Jordan

    I was sent to jordan to do trainin and left my wife, daughter, son, and third child who was you guessed it unborn. Luckily i made it back for this one.
  • Birth of second Daughter

    Birth of second Daughter
    Sebrina, daughter, was born. This time I was there! I almost wasn't, but I, Sebrina was the only one I was there when born.
  • US Joins Russia

    •US shuttle joins Russian space station
  • Instructor

    I became an instructor for the Army.
  • Got Tiger

    Got Tiger
    We got Tiger in April of this Year!!!! He was out mutt puppy that we got at the pound. Our youngest daughter Sebrina named him because he had the markins of a tiger. This was one our happiest and best ideas ever!!
  • Euro

    •Europeans agree on single currency, the euro
  • Wisconsin

    I went to Milkwalkee Wisconsin.
  • Moved Across Post

    We moved across post to the new development and lived in the neighborhood with the tennis courts . Every morning we got te joy of looking out the window to see the Fort Knox Gold Vault. I don't think this was very exciting, but he how many people can say they,ve ived less than a mile from a gold vault!?
  • Drill Sergeant School

    I went to drill sergeant school in Fort Benning, GA. I had to leave my family again.
  • 9/11

    Terrorist attack on the Twin Towers and Pentagon.
  • Moved Again

    We moved again back to Fort Benning, GA. Lots of moving with the Army!
  • Troops Luanch to Afghanistan

    U.S. and Afghan troops launch Operation Anaconda against remaining al-Qaeda and Taliban fighters in Afghanistan.
  • Messed up thum

    I shredded the ligaments in my thumb and had to go in for sergery. Again not an ecxiting or eventful year.
  • Promoted to E7 and went to ANOC

    I was promotedto E7 and was sent to Maryland for more training. Here I go leaving again.
  • War Against Iraq

    •U.S. and Britain launch war against Iraq
  • Bught 1st House

    We moved back to Fort Knox, Ky and bought our first home. Up until now we had rented so buying our first hme was an accomplishment!
  • Bought riding Lawn mower

    Iknow this sounds lame, but by buying our first riding lawn mower we realised that for once we had a big yard and were not stuck in the little sized yards of Military housing.
  • Hurricane katrina

    Hurricane Katrina wreaks catastrophic damage on the Gulf coast; more than 1,000 die and millions are left homeless. Americans are shaken not simply by the magnitude of the disaster but by how ill-prepared all levels of government are in its aftermath.
  • All About Family

    Nothing rlyhppened cae wi tis year s I could focus more on mchildren. I went to my oldest daugter's marching band competitions and Aryn's, son, footbal games; and Sebrina started cross counrty! Lots of sports becuase Brandi also did Volleyball1
  • Troop Surge to Iraq

    The U.S. begins its "surge" of some 30,000 troops to Iraq to stem increasingly deadly attacks by insurgents and militias.
  • Went to Kansas

    This year I was sent to Fort Riley Kansas. I left my family again and was gone for a whole year. This is when I realized it was time to retire.
  • Went to Iowa

    I went to Iowa by myself to work for Whirlpool in Amana. So my fear came true again, I left my family.
  • Retired from Army

    Retired from Army
    I was officially retired on April 30th and I can now spend more time with my family and won't have to leave them, or so I thought.
  • Obama Takes Office

    Hundreds of thousands of people watched in front of the Capitol as President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden are sworn into office. Obama makes history as the first African-American president.
  • Bought Iowa House

    For the year 2009 my oldest daughter Brandi came out to live with me in Iowa so she could finish her Senior year in one place. We also bought our current house this summer and my son other daughter and wife joined us in lovley Iowa. Yes united again!:)
  • Brandi Graduates

    My oldest daughter, Brandi, graduates high scholl from Prairie.
  • Brandi leaves

    Brandi gets own apartment and goes to college. She grows up and leaves me just when I can finally be in one spot with her.
  • Aryn Graduates

    Aryn graduates from Prairie High School. Whoo two down!
  • Tiger dies

    Tiger dies
    On August 6th at 11:53 a.m. We put Tiger to sleep because of kidney filure. This is the worst day of my life by far and it impacted my family a lot!! Aryn even cried and he DOESN'T cry, he was in tears. We still find ourselves waking up on Sunday and going to feed him before church. We try to let him in when it's raining, but to be remindethat we ca't It hurts. I lostchild today and now he sits on our mantile in a prettywooden box.
  • Finally got Promotion

    I finally got thepromotion that i had bepromised for thre years from Whirlpool.