Eyamoni Pressley: Personal Timeline

  • a star was BORN

  • Period: to

    My ChildHood life

  • Moving Time

    i moved out of the best house i ever lived in... it took me awhile to leave the house.. i had so many good memories there.
  • mcihigan adventures

    my grandad took me and my sisters to michigan adventures. i had the best time ever...
  • riding my bike

    i got my first brats low rider bike. i loved it so much i was rding it every day ....
  • christmas

    i had the best christmas ever.. i got 400 dollars from my mom and dad
  • Period: to

    middle school

    fun life exploring new things
  • Best Friend

    i met my best friend tahjanique
  • Teacher

    i went over my teacher house. she taught me how to ride a horse.. the bad thing was the horse stepped on my foot.. but was okay
  • Sweet 16

    i went to my sister sweet 16 in tennessee. where she lives
  • i graduated from middle school

    i graduated from Marvin L winanas academy of performing arts.
  • Sister came home

    my sister came home from tennessee to visit the family. she spent 5 weeks with me.
  • Cedar Point

    i went to cedar point qith two of my closes friends. we had the best time ever.